(Because of my travels, I didn’t have a chance to do a traditional Bumpdate photo shoot, so this shot from the amazing Darling Photography will just have to do!)
How Far Along: 25 weeks
Size of Babe: an eggplant
(still measuring big and has now brought me down with him…my belly went from measuring under to measuring over at our latest doctor’s appointment) 
Gender: baby boy
Symptoms: lots of bathroom breaks, sore/achy/hurting feet every single day, general chubbiness, skin sensitivity, still rocking the constant stuffy nose at night, and now, thanks to the weight gain and stuffy nose, I snore. So hot!
Loving: bagels with cream cheese, iced tea lemonade shaker thing from Starbucks, naps
Loathing: pants. and putting them on.
Husband: is “ready for him to stop being in there and to just come out and play already”
Wedding Rings: ha ha
Belly Button: “closing in on the snooze button” (name that movie!)
Movement: yes, but interestingly enough, I’ve noticed a decrease in his movements during his regular busy times…the doctor determined two things: 1. he’s going through a growth spurt and sleeping more (and so am I) and 2. he’s flipped around and his limbs are facing my spine so I can’t feel his movement as strongly as when he was facing out and using my belly button for a punching bag.
Maternity Clothes: just raided my Matron of Honor’s stash yesterday. I also purchased two new pairs of full panel jeans in white and a lighter wash to get me through the Maine Summer. Unless things get really, really rogue, I’m done with the maternity clothes acquisitions. My MOH and I decided to just send the clothes back and forth with whatever single pieces we added over time and never spend money on maternity clothes again (those jokers are expensive!)
Best Part of the Week: being home, spending the day yesterday with Gray’s future best friend, Baby C and his mommy and my weekend in Old Orchard Beach with Justin
Worst Part of the Week: leaving Justin, Mark and Macie for so long! (I’m a baby)
Missing Most: my normal feet
Can’t Wait: for my baby shower on Sunday! 
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