How Far Along: 30 Weeks
(for now!)

Size of the Babe: Enormous
the apps say 3 lbs…we’ll know for sure on Monday

Gender: baby boy

Fun Fact: the Greeks, especially Greek women, are very protective of pregnant women. I have been admonished for flying, reminded to wear sunscreen, commanded to sit on public transport, command to sit in shops, told what I can’t eat and clucked at while taking the (one million) stairs. The men are much more inquisitive than they would be in the States and always ask how many months I am and if it’s a boy. Every time I say that it is indeed a boy, they celebrate with Justin. If I was under the impression that I would get to openly guzzle wine while in Greece, I was quickly corrected when I was brought a special virgin welcome cocktail even after I said a mixed drink with a sip of champagne mixed in would be just fine.

Symptoms: ooooh the symptoms. Well, with all of the traveling, flying and walking my feet and legs are swollen to the point that I think my skin will split. I’m drinking tons and tons and tons of water but nothing prevents the swelling. The day we were in Athens I told Justin that I just couldn’t hang anymore and I swear in that instant my hands began to swell to the size of balloons. We could see them swelling. It was unreal. I’m also very, very sore. My legs and back aren’t used to hiking all of the stairs in Santorini let alone with an extra 20 lbs strapped to the front of me. Basically, I’m very much in my third trimester taking a trip for a fit person who is years away from birthing her first kid. I do the best I can and when I get tired we lay by the pool or take a nap or stop for something smothered in olive oil and plan for the next
day! Also, my husband would like me to admit that my snoring has gotten out of control. He told me that it’s gotten worse since we’ve been here (I blamed the soft bed) and he tried to record me on his phone in the middle of the night to prove it.

Loving: every single meal. Bread, amazing olive oil, sweets for breakfast, gyros with french fries on them, sips of Justin’s red wine, breakfast on our balcony, chocolates on my pillow, the view of the Caldera from our room, the Santorini sunsets, watching my husband get a fish pedicure. This really has been an amazing trip so far and I feel so lucky to be here with my husband celebrating 12 months of marriage and our baby boy on the way!

Loathing: being in a country known for red wine and not being able to have any, flying for 10 hours straight, not being able to do all of the things I want to do, being sore and huge.

Husband: officially hates fish pedicures. Just like Kim K. Diva.

(I’m going to frame this pic and put it on my bed side table…he hated those fish eating his feet so, so much…I just couldn’t stop laughing at him! Look at his fists!)

I think Justin probably misses having his normal travel buddy a teeny bit (which is completely understandable). We travel really well together and this trip I just haven’t been able to hold up my end of the team….it makes me a tiny bit sad too.

Wedding Rings: ha

Belly Button: still an innie but the baby pushes it out sometimes

Movement: yep. We’re a bit off schedule thanks to the time change, but still bouncing around right into my bladder at every turn.

Maternity Clothes: mixing and matching…and yes, I’m rocking a two piece bathing suit. I have to be careful with all of the walking because my thighs rub together so hard they get a rash (seeeexy) and sadly my feet are too swollen to wear anything more supportive than flip flops so it’s definitely an adventure.

(my bump looks like a big beer belly in this pic…but trust me, it’s huge and round normally)

Best Part of the Week: the whole darn thing!

Worst Part of the Week: the flight over. Uncomfortable would be an understatement.

Missing Most: wine, wine, wine, vineyard tours, wine.

Can’t Wait For: I don’t ever want to leave Santorini but since I have to, I can’t wait for our growth ultrasound on Monday to see how big Baby Gray is….and seeing his little face will be the best bonus!

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