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My Post Baby Boobs! 
So, as we all know, my ladies went rogue during my pregnancy.
I loved my old boobs – symmetrical, sweet and round, very unassuming and easily lassoed into a bandeau bikini top. 
Somehow, despite the fact that they produced zero (and I mean zero) milk, my ta-tas took the brunt of my pregnancy weight gain. I am slowly coming to grips with the fact that they will never be the same again….and that I now need to dress them appropriately.
In all seriousness, I never wore a bra prior to getting pregnant. 
Now I sleep in one.
disclaimer: I was provided a bra and panty of my choice by ThirdLove but all opinions in this post are mine and based upon my experience wearing the products. 
It seems that word of my tee-ta decline reached the folks at ThirdLove and they were sweet enough to let me know that they could help me hike my ladies back into place. I’ll be honest, I was super skeptical that I could ever find a bra that wasn’t a result of an in-person fitting, but I thought I would put ThirdLove to the test in the name of research. 
I chose the Lace Full Coverage Bra and Lace Boyshort – mostly because I felt like the black lace would make me feel a teesny bit like my old self while controlling the parts of me that now need to be controlled (including my hips). I need a bra that can corral my ladies and stay in place, no matter what. I don’t have an extra hand to spare for constant bra rearranging. 
I was super smitten with the mint accents while shopping online and so pleased to see that they are even more beautiful in person. From the graphic black and white print on the packaging to the sweet gold hardware on the straps, I felt like the ThirdLove detail experience was well thought out from start to finish. 

Ok, so let’s get down and dirty:
How did the bra fit?
So, I had the luxury of being professionally measured not long ago and therefor am very confident of my bra size BUT I have to tell you that I downloaded the ThirdLove app to size myself and (miraculously to me) the app nailed my sizing. 
I really don’t know how an app can accurately measure you, but this one did and I am so impressed. The app walks you through taking a series of photos so that an algorithm in their system can calculate your size – literally, the app talks to you as you’re taking the photos so that you get the ideal shot.

Yes, 36 E is my size in ThirdLove language….I have no words. 
If you’re a new mama and unable to get to a store where you can be professionally measured, I highly recommend using this app. I had absolutely no faith that an app could measure my bra size but I am pleased to report that I was completely wrong. My tip is to wear a black tank and not a nude bra – that will save you some time! 
Once you know your size, you can filter your search to pull products that are available and recommended for your ladies. If you want a giggle, check out the ThirdLove Breast Shape Directory – gawd, I love a company with a sense of humor! The Breast Shape Directory and Fit Issue Guide should cover all of the concerns you might have with your boobies and will suggest the right bra for you. 
As soon as they arrived, I wrangled myself into my new bra and undies (on a lazy Sunday, no less), and ya’ll, this shiz is comfy. The bra I chose has an underwire and a fairly thick waist band for support but no cup molding – so the only thing against my skin was the lace. I’m into it. 
No matter how much lounging, baby entertaining and Target shopping I did, the bra and undies both stayed put. And, most importantly, nothing wriggled into a bunch or managed to work itself over/in between any lumps. Let’s be honest, that’s a win in my book. 
The lace is incredibly high quality, soft and sans snags or pulls in the fabric. To be honest, I’ve slept in the bra on two different nights and have been incredibly comfortable. 

ThirdLove offers cup sizes up to size G and even offers half cup sizes starting with A 1/2 (jealous). 
Ok, so now ya’ll try it – give the app a go and let me know if it sized you correctly. 
And if you’re shocked with your size (like I obviously still am), then spill the beans – I need to know that I’m not alone in the wild lady lump department! 
And P.S. I don’t think my wedding monogrammed has ever looked so ready for Valentine’s Day