Recently, I’ve had the chance to play pretend designer and put together a design plan or two for friends hoping to avoid hours of online shopping and decor scheming and didn’t mind bringing in a total non-pro to do the job. 
While I have zero design training and have learned as we’ve demo-ed and reno-ed, I love getting to do this kind of styling for friends.
 Honestly, it’s more of a gift for me (and my husband) because it hits that “I need to renovate every single space in this house!” need while we wait until the new year to start our next home project. 
I didn’t have any intentions of sharing these little projects on the blog but my DM’s went a little crazy when I snuck a little peek (for the room’s owners!) into my stories that it became clear that I would need to get a move on with sharing here so that everyone could have access to the sources. 

A little background about my client: 

A sweet boy who is ready for his big boy room and has a love of sharks and golf
A mama who recently painted, is ready to ditch the nursery furniture and needs a design scheme that will grow with her boy. 
That means real deal furniture that will last, decor that can easily be updated or adjusted to meet his current obsessions and a budget that is under control. 
The room is already painted Sea Salt which is a gorgeous neutral greenish-grey and I left the color but added wallpaper on the wall behind the bed. Just one wall of wallpaper will make a huge visual impact and won’t break the budget. 
I added in sharks in the softest, most simple way and found a really cool way to bring in a little golf action, too. 

Here’s the final board that I sent off last week (sharing with Mama’s permission!):

Design Project: The Golf Shark Big Boy Room
Shop the room:

How cool are those golf blueprints?? 
I love that you can choose a digital download option which means they can be uploaded directly to a framing site like Framebridge, saving time, effort and major cash. 
Be prepared to see similar blueprints hit a guy’s gift guide in a few weeks!
I love that this room now has masculine lines (the hardware on the bedside tables called to me), fun patterns in the wallpaper and sheets, warm textures in the curtain panels, natural elements in the toy storage and playful shapes (check out that oval mirror!).

 I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!