6 Easy Ways to Style a White Tee

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Hello. It’s me. And I am so ridiculously excited to publish this post today.
Why? Oh, because I found the perfect white tee….

No big deal, but I’ve been searching for the perfect white tee since my go-to was discontinued three long years ago. And I’m not the only one on the hunt for the white tee unicorn – my DM’s are often flooded with requests for the perfect tee, so I know ya’ll can relate. 
6 Easy Ways to Style a White Tee
As a somewhat hot mess mom, my ultimate goal is to get out of the house as quickly and effortlessly as possible, because while I spend what feels like hours getting my offspring ready for the day, I usually manage to rustle up approximately twelve seconds for myself. I need wardrobe pieces that can be worn, washed and re-worn a million different ways for a million different activities, and nothing fits that bill quite like a basic tee. As it turns out, I’m super picky about my tee shirts, which I’m going to mostly blame on being busty.
6 Easy Ways to Style a White Tee
Here’s what I look for when searching for the perfect tee:
V neck
Thin and soft but in no way see through
Fitted but doesn’t cling
Doesn’t make my belly button area look like a dark cave (ya’ll know what I mean)
Not slinky or bouncy
Long enough for my 5’9″ frame
Bonus points if it comes in other colors so I can stock up
I’m here to tell you that not only did I find the perfect tee, it meets every single one of the criteria and, get this, it’s under $8. A miracle has officially occurred. Any guesses on where I found it? Walmart
6 Easy Ways to Style a White Tee
Yep, complete with Walmart’s free two day delivery and available in eleven colors, we have hit the jack pot. Can I also mention that I had no idea Walmart had stepped up their fashion game and had such great shipping? Honestly, I ordered my first tee as a trial and was so surprised with how quickly it shipped (I’ve since ordered two more, of course). 
6 Easy Ways to Style a White Tee

As far as sizing goes, I ordered both a medium (tagged as size 8-10) and a large to see which I preferred and, while I can comfortably wear both, I prefer a looser fit and went with the Large, which is the size I am wearing in both colors in all of the photos in this post. I found the difference between the two to be a little more room in the bust and a little more length over all, so if you’re busty, don’t like a snug top on your ladies, tall or have a long torso, I’d size up. Also, this is a true cotton so if you’re a lazy laundry doer, like myself, give yourself a little grace on sizing for a wash and dry situation. 

The Time and Tru brand has some adorable pieces like the blue straw tote (also available in a stripe), camo backpack and black straw hat in the outfits throughout this post. 

6 Easy Ways to Style a White Tee
Speaking of the outfits throughout this post, I challenged myself to style the dream tee 6 different ways with items I already had in my closet. From carpool in the morning to date night and everything in between, I hope you find some inspiration for pulling together simple outfits that make you feel amazing. 
6 Easy Ways to Style a White Tee
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6 Easy Ways to Style a White Tee

all photography by Demi Mabry