Sometimes mama needs to run to the bathroom by herself, or maybe take a flight toddler in tow, or maybe it’s been raining for days and everyone needs a break, even the babes. 

So, what’s a mama to do? Turn on one of these adorable shows that focus on educating our littlest ones with music, letters, numbers and a focus on learning.

If you’re looking for educational programming for bigger babes through Kinder, check out this round up.

Here are my family’s favorite educational programs available on Netflix for toddlers:
1. StoryBots Supersongs

StoryBots are a Netflix original and we love this younger, sing along version of the popular preschooler SuperBots.

Each episode of Supersongs tackles two different topics broken into essentially two half episodes – the first episode is Outer Space and The Body – with silly songs and somewhat ridiculous StoryBot characters.

It’s catchy and educational and broken into bite sizes for littles with short attention spans.

If you’re new, start with Season 1 Episode 3: Shapes and Colors. 

2. Word Party

So, Word Party will absolutely drive the adults in your house crazy but for some reason, the same songs that will burrow into your brain are captivating and engaging for toddlers.

The premise of the show follows a variety of digitized animal babies (complete with diapers) as they ask the viewer to be the “big kids” and teach them all that they need to know about letters and words.

It is insanely educational and my kids love it but I’m afraid ya’ll will hate me when that opening song starts to play. 

3. Pocoyo

This one is new to us, thanks to Netflix, and we are hooked. Originally a Spanish production, the English episodes are stocked on Netflix.

 Pocoyo is a 4 year old boy who “moves fast and is mischievous”.

This one is good for littles learning to play with others, think of other’s feelings and who will be drawn to the clean aesthetics of the show (it’s not at all distracting, and reminds me of a show I used to watch on Nickelodeon as a kid, but can’t quite remember the name of).  

4. Tayo The Little Bus

This show reminds me a bit of Chuggington with a much cleaner, less obnoxious opening tune.

Following a group of “little” busses as they navigate life, challenges and working together, this one is as pure as it gets, but with updated graphics and not-so-Disney-like sing song lyrics. 

5. Puffin Rock

We love Puffin Rock!

If you read the preschooler’s guide to educational programming on Netflix, you know Puffin Rock is a family fave thanks to it’s soothing voice over, calm graphics and sweet, nature based lessons.

Puffin Rock is based on an uninhabited island off the coast of Northern Ireland so is narrated with a heavy accent and features animals that your babes might not otherwise be exposed to (we can tell you a ton about a Pigmy Shrew!).

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