I feel like I’m about to release my babies into the world!
Can you believe it? It’s Gift Guide Week! 
Let’s recap the process, shall we?

August: started the hunt for the perfect gifts 
September: built the spreadsheets, including all links, final selections + back ups in case of sell outs
October: decided to add 2 new Guides per reader requests, bringing the 2019 total to 9 Guides!
Built all shop-able graphics, opened an email list for the first time, wrote all blog posts, designed all email campaigns, set the final publication calendar.
November: gonna hit publish! 
This year will be even more fun as I’m launching The Guide emails, sending my Gift Guides right to your inbox. Starting November 1st, a new Guide will be emailed to you every day for 8 days!
Each email will have two things:
A shop-able graphic of the Guide (just click the product to shop it directly!)
A link to a password protected page on my blog where you can shop the Guide via a shop-able image and text links. Only those on the email list will be able to access this blog page. Without a doubt, the blog page will be easier to view, shop and study, but having that email in your inbox will be super handy when you’re ready to shop! 
The very first email and blog post will go live on November 1, but before it hits your inbox (you’re singed up for emails, right? If not, sign up here!) I thought I’d answer some FAQ’s:
1. What Guides Are You Published This Year?
Mother In Law, Grandparents, Him, Her, Toddler (ages 1-3), Preschooler (3-5), Gift Exchange Cute, Gift Exchange Silly 
2. When Do The Guides Go Live?
Great question! I put together a little calendar so you can see:
3. Can We Shop Last Year’s Guides?
Yes! You can find them all here. They are already being shopped, and the most popular purchases so far are:

4. Do You Get Paid To Do This/Do You Make Money From Our Purchases?
I do make a commission off of every sale from a direct purchase on my links. 
5. How Do We Ensure You Get Credit For Our Purchases?
Thank you for asking! In order for me to get credit, the absolute best way to shop is directly on my blog. Each email will include a password that will allow you access to all of the guides as they go live. Click the link, add the product to your bag and check right out. 

The second best way is directly from the emails in your InBox! You can click each individual image (if the email is “clipped” in gmail, please click “view entire message” and all images will become clickable). I hope the emails will save you time this holiday season – when you’re ready to shop, you won’t have to hunt on my blog, you’ll have your Guides waiting for you in your Inbox!

Adding an item to your bag and saving for later unfortunately doesn’t count in my favor and neither does shopping in person or checking out in an app (like Amazon, Nordstrom or Target). Shopping via the direct links in the Guide emails will also guarantee the commission tracks, so shop away!

6. Can We Forward The Emails?
Yes! Please do! In fact, the reason I created emails this year was so those of you who want your partners to shop the Her Guide could forward them right along. Please send to grandparents, aunts, uncles, girlfriends, best friends, siblings, whomever! 

I’m so excited for you guys to see the 2019 Guides, it truly has been so fun for me to put these together, considering all family dynamics, budgets and interests. I hope you love them as much as I do! Happy shopping!