Number SIX!
 House #6 here we come!
Yes, we know that’s crazy and yes, we’re doing another renovation! We are headed to a new-to-us house here in Charlotte – after a quick 3 month pit stop in a temporary apartment while we renovate. 
In case you need a refresh, here’s the breakdown:
We always aim to purchase homes that are undervalued, underpriced or that have aesthetic/structural flaws. We typically move every 2-ish years and have now owned six houses (in three different states) over the past 7 years. Some of our moves have been for my husband’s work but now we keep it up as we see opportunities that we just can’t ignore. 
Number SIX!
(all of our houses to date, in chronological order!)
The house we bought when we first moved to Charlotte is in an amazing area and, quite honestly, had a little bad listing ju-ju. It went under contract in the first few days of being on the market and then fell out. Once it went back to market, it sat…and sat….and sat.
 By the time we saw it, the price was an amazing deal for the location. We did a handful of big projects and a ton of little updates on that house and once she was in great shape, we were ready to sell.
Number SIX!
Unfortunately, COVID hit and things got tricky. 
Of course we paused the selling process and waited things out a bit. When the NC Real Estate board said we could officially put the house on the market, we did so, hosting lots of virtual, ZOOM and FaceTime tours. 
In the meantime, we found the perfect next project not too far away! We’re moving to another neighborhood in the in-town Charlotte area. The new house is actually the same size square footage wise as our last house, but is two stories and 4 bedrooms. 
We have big, big plans for the new house – so many plans that we need to move into an apartment for roughly 3 months to ensure we gave our contractors time and space to make it happen. When we first saw the house, we thought we’d tackle a few weeks worth of construction, but once that ball was rolling, things escalated quickly. We are using our same contractors from the latest master bath renovation, Skysail Construction, and they got the keys on closing day. 
Number SIX!
The kids are crazy excited for their new rooms (and that the apartment has a pool). I’ll share another post soon on how we’ve prepared them, gotten them involved and ensured they’re excited. If I’m being honest, the hardest part about this entire move has been not having out-of-the-house child care available due to COVID. We packed and moved to a temporary apartment with both kids in tow, had to take them to drive thru closings and even inside a lawyers office (in their tiny masks, of course) to sign papers. They’ve been such good sports but the juggling has been intense around here! 
 Justin and I have logistically tired brains at the moment but are ready for another renovation adventure and another great investment opportunity. 
I’ll share a mini-tour of the new house soon so you can get the lay of the land, we’ll do renovation updates real time this go around and we’ll do big Before and After reveals as well.
Oh, and wait until ya’ll see the master bathroom in the new house……
Also, I was looking back and found move announcements of the past, look how little Gray was when we announced our move from Maine back to South Carolina!