Row 1: 4 Piece Santa Sloth Set | Penguin Sleeper | Organic Family Jammies | 4 Piece Dalmatian Set
Row 2: Green Stripe PJ Set | Red and Blue Plaid PJ Set
Row 3:  Organic Navy Tree 2 Piece Set | 3 Piece Santa Set |  Red Stripe PJ Set | 2 piece Vintage Holiday Set

T-minus 1 week and Amazon has basically become my very favorite elf. With their quick turnaround (yay for Prime) and budget-friendly options, there is a special set in here for everyone! Gender-neutral choices that will make sibling picks easy and fun festive designs to match everyone’s type of cheer.

This year’s picks also include some sets that come with two outfits. If you’re looking to gift pj’s to other kids in the family for Christmas morning or want something special waiting for holiday guests once they come over those sets will be great for you!

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 4 Piece Santa Sloth Set: I’m not certain if children love a sloth design because they connect with the less than accelerated pace of the sloth (especially when we start singing “clean up”) or simply because they are so furry and cute. Either way this 4 Piece Santa Sloth set is such a score. A traditional candy cane stripe design comes along with the festive blue and red sloth one. Gender-neutral for sure and a great pick for your wild animal lover!
Penguin Sleeper: Speaking of animals, who doesn’t love the tuxedo gentleman of the sea?! I absolutely love this Penguin Sleeper. All-ready with a chin to ankle zipper and gripper feet to ensure your slippy waddler doesn’t manage a mad dash through the tree on Christmas morning.
Organic Family Jammies: In stock, for the whole squad this Organic Family Jammies pajama is 100% organic cotton, seriously soft like butter! The same festive tree print comes in various styles as well. Whether you prefer a zipper or two-piece set for your little one you can take your pick.
4 Piece Dalmatian Set: Another great 4 Piece Set, this time with the cutest Dalmatian sporting a red scarf design. This is a great pajama set for your smallest dog lover! I also love the holiday prints without being exclusively Christmas-related.
Green Stripe PJ Set: This Green Stripe Set is classic and cute. I feel like this PJ can double for a day-out outfit (not that anyone needs reasons to head out in comfy pj’s). 100% cotton and a gender-neutral Elf for the win! Also, light weight enough to layer for a snow day.
Red and Blue Plaid PJ Set: This is our set from last year back again and with good reason! So comfortable, durable material and the cutest Red and Blue Plaid design. I love the colors because they are fitting for all year.
Organic Navy Tree 2 Piece Set: I love this fair isle style Organic Navy Tree 2 Piece Set. Great material and a nice choice for your snow-loving little man or not so little. This set goes up to size 14.
3 Piece Santa Set: Alright by far this is my favorite set this year! It features the cutest Santa print and most importantly Santa is shown in 3 different skin tones. Representation in this way for kids is so special! With a second matching top, this is a great holiday deal.
Red Stripe PJ Set: The candy stripers have arrived! Adorable Red Stripe PJ Set with a vibrant red/burgundy stripe design is a great fit for all. Comes in sizes all the way to 12 years old and another easy layering set.
2 Piece Vintage Holiday Set: This 2 Piece Vintage Holiday Set gives me so much nostalgia. The creamy color, vibrant red cuffs, holiday wreathe, ice skates, and sled. It will surely give your little one’s ideas for all the fun things to do during their breaks. Hopefully with a white Christmas.