1. Sunglasses | 2. Suede Slip-on Loafers | 3. No Tie Shoelaces
4. Super Mario Uno | 5. Stitched Belt | 6. Quick Release Goggles  | 7. Flying Rainbow Ball
8. Rainbow Doodle Board | 9. Bubble Guns  | 10. Water Lacrosse Mini Set 
We’re counting down the days till the Easter Bunny arrives! Family fun loading, with kids egg hunting and lots of candy being tossed around. Last week we checked out my top picks for Easter Basket Ideas for Girls and this week I’m giving you the always affordable and effortlessly fun picks for Boys. 
To accommodate every price point and make your Easter basket search as smooth as possible I’ve added gifts that range from absolutely a kid pick to “this is really for mommy” haha.

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1. Sunglasses: Stunting and styling for Easter is a must! These Sunglasses are affordable and durable for kids. I love how many styles they have and color combinations. 
2. Suede Slip-on Loafers: I squealed when I found these Suede Slip-on Loafers. Little man shoes for the win! I swear these are more for mommies and daddies but of course, they will have your little guy styling for the rest of this year. Great quality at a great price point. 
3. No Tie Shoelaces: If you have a runner on your hands, a track star No Tie Shoelaces are for them. They are stylish and easy to use, they keep sneakers snug to avoid trips and slips. They come in a large variety of colors too, plus adult sizes. You can have matching sets with your two main men. 
4. Super Mario Uno: Uno is one of the best family games ever. It’s such a hit with all ages, and easy enough to follow. The bonus here is that it’s Super Mario-themed! A definite classic. 
5. Stitched Belt: A versatile Stitched Belt that pairs with various outfit styles, this belt is a great Easter Basket option. I love the brass buckle closure, with leather end strap and printed satin whale print on cotton canvas.  


6. Quick Release Goggles: With Summer right around the corner Quick Release Goggles are a fun gift the boys can look forward to using for the Summer. Fun perk, there are two in the pack, definite win if you have multiple kids.   

7. Flying Rainbow Ball: Ready to be the coolest mom on the block?! This Flying Rainbow Ball is loads of fun. Great for outdoor or indoor use. Seriously, grab it. I promise, the adults will most likely take over this toy for the day. 
8. Rainbow Doodle Board: Rainbow Doodle Boards usually come in classic paper or cardboard. This LCD tablet option is amazing. No mess and endless fun. I also like that there’s no blue light exposure. Great for travel, car rides, and home fun! 
9. Bubble Guns: Bubble guns are the ultimate no-fuss toy (with prepping – adding the bubbles and batteries as a mom would haha). Another affordable toy that lasts as long as any mom would want!
10. Water Lacrosse Mini Set: Summertime fun will be a blast with this Water Lacrosse Mini Set. This is a great addition to a home pool or beach bag set.