1. Athletic Dress | 2. Bangle Weights | 3. Cropped Tank | 4. No Show Socks
5. Sunscreen | 6. Tank Set | 7. High Waist Biker Shorts | 8. Microfiber Hair Ties 
9. Longline Sports Bra | 10. Insulated Cup w/Straw | 11. Tennis Skirt | 12. Hair Clip Set
With the market saturated with workout brands and athletic wear, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by big-name brand items and claims. Well, I’ve got a list of all your Summer Athletic Wear essentials all from one place. We all know Amazon is our go-to place for almost anything and Summer Athletic Wear is no exception. 
Comfortable designs with must-have accessories at affordable prices. What better way to stay healthy, stay fit, and stay on budget!
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1. Athletic Dress: I own this, love it, and wish I could wear it every day and not be weird. It’s incredibly comfortable and quite flattering. No chub rub side effect at all! This is a realistic go-to for Summer athletic wear. 
2. Bangle Weights: If you are an avid hiker or walker, these are a hit. I personally stopped using ankle weights when walking because I hated the slouchy feel of regular ankle weights. This design on the other hand is sleek and highly functional. They can be used on your wrists or ankles – one size fits all! 
3. Cropped Tank: Cropped Tanks are just so darn comfortable. Running miles or running errands, it feels so good to throw on a cropped tank and take the world on. 
4. No Show Socks: No Show Socks are a must during exercise in the Summer heat. This pack comes in a set of neutral colors at a great price point. 
5. Sunscreen: Elta MD Sunscreen is awesome for working out, especially in the heat. It is sweat-proof with SPF and a formula made to help avoid that horrible workout breakout. 
6. Tank Set: Tank Sets are useful because there’s no guessing how the cut and fit will work for you. Nothing is worse than working out and feeling that your shirt is too tight or loose. Buying a pack means reliability in comfortable. Breathable material and cute colors too!
7. High Waist Biker Shorts: High Waist Biker Shorts are a gift for the beautiful Summer goddesses above. haha. These biker shorts snatch and tuck in all the right places. The longer leg covers a decent amount of thigh area to avoid chaffing. The best part is that they have pockets. 
8. Microfiber Hair Ties: Truth be told I didn’t know Microfiber Hair Ties were a thing. Now that I’ve found them I can totally understand why these are it for some women. They do not leave dents in your hair, no breakage when pulling out your pony, and they retain shape. I love that this company also sells them by hair color.
9. Longline Sports Bra: If you prefer a snug-fit sports bra for exercising (regardless of breast size) then this Longline Sports Bra is your pick! The material is moisture absorbent and quick drying. Mesh material along the back helps your skin breathe, while the high neck cut helps keep your girls secure during high-impact movements. 
10. Insulated Cup w/Straw: Hydration is key while moving your body around during the Summer. Insulated Cups help keep your drink of choice cold all day long. I love when I serve myself a cold cup of water with ice in the morning and am still able to get that crisp taste long after my errands and workout are done. 
11. Tennis Skirt: I love Tennis Skirts and I’m genuinely confused as to why we don’t wear them as much off the courts. They are functional and work well for running, weight lifting, walking, and even hiking. This design has a side pocket, a hidden back pocket, and an elastic high waist. 
12. Hair Clip Set: Hair Clips are a necessity all Summer long. There are activities where using a hair clip can trigger a headache or if you’re working out in the sun you may not want that tightness around your scalp. This Hair Clip Set is a bigger size that works and holds a tight grip even on the longest or thickest of manes.