1. We Don’t Eat Our Classmates | 2. First Day Farts | 3. Our Class is a Family 
4. The Pigeon HAS to Go to School5. Benny The Brave In: First Day Jitters | 6. The Day You Begin  7. Daniel Tiger’s First Day of School | 8. Pete the Kitty’s First Day of Preschool
9. A Letter From Your Teacher On Your First Day of School | 10. Amelia Bedelia’s First Day of School

Those first day of school jitters are unlike any other. Our little humans are excited, nervous, and yet completely unaware of the adventure that awaits. While we as parents are just about ready to throw up and throw a party at the same time. 
Trying to prepare for the first day of school can be tricky and these books can help! Different tales for different grades to help you and your superstar ace the first day. 
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 1. We Don’t Eat Our Classmates: (preschool-kindergarten) Penelope Rex in We Don’t Eat Our Classmates will surely take your kiddos nervous jitters and turn them into excited chuckles and laughter. Penelope is new to school and is learning that not only can she not eat her classmates, she may be a lot lower on the food chain that expected. So the question becomes, how do we manage our behavior and emotions in a new setting? 
2. First Day Farts: (preschool-2nd grade) Ok, farts are funny! I don’t know who needed to hear that but I said it. First Day Farts is great comedic relief for before school starts and will ensure the kids get a nice laugh to release those butterflies. 
3. Our Class is a Family: (kindergarten-2nd grade) When we send our babies to school we want them to understand that school is essentially another home. They can feel safe with their teachers and friends to try new things, learn, make mistakes, and have fun. This book breaks those dynamics down in such an encouraging and loving way. 
4. The Pigeon HAS to Go to School(preschool-1st grade) For the proactive thinker who has locked and loaded 101 reasons why they don’t need to go to school, they can take the journey along with Pigeon in, The Pigeon HAS to Go to School! and explore why school is in fact for them – and they like it too!
 5. Benny The Brave In: First Day Jitters(kindergarten-2nd grade) If you’ve ever had the pleasure of reading a Supercrew book you know they are filled with lessons on how our emotions and behaviors are connected. Well, Benny the Brave In: First Day Jitters follow along while Benny teaches Sarah all about using her inner super power to be brave! 
6. The Day You Begin: (kindergarten-3rd grade) The Day You Begin is such a special book. Between the artistry and message it is certainly a book to bring out more than once. Follow along while these young students discover how brave they are by just being different. Whether you look or sound different, or come from a place no one else has even heard of – you are unique and that’s ok. 
7. Daniel Tiger’s First Day of School(preschool-kindergarten) Daniel Tiger’s First Day of School is an awesome way to show your child all the ways they can have fun at school and learn! Then before they know it, it will be time for pick up by mom and dad. 
8. Pete the Kitty’s First Day of Preschool: (preschool) For the little one who hasn’t been to school yet and has no idea what’s to come. Let Pete the Kitty help guide the way in explaining what new experiences may lie ahead, and well that they’re are fun! Not scary at all! 
9. A Letter From Your Teacher On Your First Day of School: (1st grade-3rd grade). For the older crowd of new students – haha – you know the 7-8 going on 21 group. A heartwarming letter from their new teacher letting them know that as challenging as the new school year may be they are gaining a new ally in them. I love this book because it touches on an important aspect of school, and community, at a very delicate age. 
10. Amelia Bedelia’s First Day of School: (preschool-1st grade) Ms. Amelia is a childhood favorite to all. Her cheerful antics and positive outlook leave every hairy situation with a heartfelt lesson and solution. The first day of school is no different!