The Best Gifts for Teachers: What Teachers Really Want

 1. Glass Mug | 2. Starbucks Gift Card
3. Toddler Tuesday | 4. Amazon Gift Card 
5. Personalized Seed Ball Set | 6. Etsy Gift Card
7. Wine Goblet | 8. Anthropology Gift Card
Let’s be real our kid’s teachers aren’t paid enough and we can never truly repay them for all they do. How they love our little humans and care for them is priceless, but we can do our best to make their lives easier. 
Here is a list of things they can really use and fully enjoy. 
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 1. Glass Mug: Tumblers are great for in-class drinks around kids but teachers deserve to enjoy their beverages at home in fancy double-walled, insulated Glass Mugs. 

2. Starbucks Gift Card: Because they can never have enough coffee or tea! It’s a life essential at this point. 
3. Toddler Tuesday: Toddler Tuesday was written for solidarity, so I frankly wouldn’t lose my mind. Bringing humor to a world full of whining, obsessive use of the word no, farts, snot, uncalled-for honest opinions, and the ever-growing love one can have for a child. 
4. Amazon Gift Card: Teachers spend so much time with their little ones that I’m not sure how they get their personal things done. An Amazon Gift Card can certainly help them get things done
5. Personalized Seed Ball Set: For the green thumb teacher who loves to shine light and love to all. With a sweet message of thanks gifts them a Personalized Seed Ball Set.
6. Etsy Gift Card: Etsy is a magical place filled with gifts of all sorts. Don’t rack your brain guessing what they’d like and let them choose if they need a new candle holder set or a nice piece of custom jewelry. 
7. Wine Goblet: Wine after 5 o’clock always seems like a logical answer when dealing with 30-plus little ones daily. These Wine Goblets are so cute and modern. 
8. Anthropology Gift Card: Dressing for success is not cheap. Anthropology is a great place for them to snag sweet styles that work for the classroom and in their free time.