Hey Ya’ll! I was so excited that Kelsea asked me to drop by while she is off on her adventure – especially when she asked me to write about Travel. That just couldn’t be more perfect for me seeing as currently my new Husband is hunkered down in a Ramada Inn in Maine and I am bouncing around the South East.
And how on Earth did that happen? Well, we found out 4 weeks before our Wedding Day that we were getting a job transfer from sunny, hot and humid South Carolina to cold, foreign and snowy Maine. To top it all off, we were going to need to get a move on – work started the Monday after our Honeymoon! 
So for now we are making our home wherever we find ourselves – and at this very moment, I find myself in that aforementioned Ramada Inn after a day of exploring our new home state. I have decided that the best way for me to fall in love with the North is to search out all of the wonderfully unique places just outside of our door. If it weren’t for this crazy move, we would have most likely never made a trip to Maine – what can I say? The Pine Tree State just wasn’t on the top of our dream destinations list.
 (And if you knew that Maine was the Pine Tree State, you win a prize.)
With all of that chatter in mind, our destination for today was Bar Harbor!
The Maine Weather Goddess (I assume she is a goddess, because let’s be honest, she’s testy) was not kind to us but, seeing as we have so little time together these days, we layered on the Northface jackets and headed out – all in the name of Adventure.
After a quick 45 minute ride through the tiny Lobster towns of costal Maine, we found ourselves in Bar Harbor. 

The foggy, rainy weather made for an eerie harbor but we had the place to ourselves! 

Downtown Bar Harbor 

After all that walking in the rain, we needed to warm up in a major way!
Lobster Bisque and warm bread for me, Maine lobster tails for the Husband

And, for the Grand Finale…..
Lobster Ice Cream(!)
Oh yeah, it exists.
Husband isn’t so sure. I was positive. It.Was.Gross.
Imagine frozen-ish chunks of seafood in vanilla ice cream. Nope.
One last shot before we headed home
For a Southern Girl, I think I held my own in the frigid Maine Spring. Would I love to head back to Bar Harbor in the “Summer”? Most definitely! Luckily, we are just a short, gorgeous drive away – and I’m sure we’ll have tons of Southern visitors to show around in the coming months.

Thanks for tagging along on our road trip!
If you’re ever in our Northern Neighborhood be sure to say Hey!