Thank ya’ll for all of your support from yesterday’s Bad Bride post. 
I know it was a bit confusing if you went straight to – Panic at the Disco popped up first – so if you missed Bad Bride, scroll on down and there she’ll be! 
That post was a bit difficult for me to write and I’m grateful to all of you who reached out to say that you felt the same way. It’s tough living up to our own internal expeditions isn’t it?? I have found that this blog is a fun place for me to document our first (crazy) year of marriage but also the perfect outlet for me to get some of my nutty internal rumblings out of my brain. 
I’m working on some big posts for the coming days, but unfortunately today I’m buried in a mountain of laundry….nothing sexy or exciting about that! 
Since I don’t have any Earth shattering revelations today, I will leave you with a super sneak peak from our wedding photos….. 

Laura Gordon Photography 

Our amazing photographer Laura Gordon, of Laura Gordon Photography, is holding on to our pics until she re-launches her website and blog (with our blessing, of course). Be sure to follow her on Facebook if you want to see our wedding pics as soon as she publishes them!