(another sneak peak!)

In just a few days, Justin will turn 28.
 I love birthdays…and holidays…well, any celebration really – and I especially love to make birthdays a big deal. But for Justin’s 28th we’ll be seperated by hundreds of miles and It’s completely bumming me out that we won’t be able to spend his birthday together! I don’t feel too bad for the birthday boy, he’ll be in Cincinnati standing up as a groomsman for one of his groomsmen (did ya’ll follow that??), so he’ll be having a great time doing Man Things. And to be quite honest, I don’t think he cares at all that I won’t be with him to make a fuss over his birthday…..so I’ll be bummed for the both of us! So there, Justin!
So anyway, I think because I know we won’t be together I want to get him something really fun this year but I’m having such a tough time deciding what to get him. With all of our wedding gifts, we have all of the house stuff/bar items covered. And trust me, the kid did not miss out on the Duty Free liquor shopping while we were on our Honeymoon (ya’ll, I checked my carry on so that I could lug all of the Blanton’s onto the plane…..seriously). To top it all off, I consider myself a really creative/top notch gift giver and I love figuring out just the right gift for people. But this birthday has me drawing a blank….and I think I can blame that on my brother.

Wayne and Justin in Aruba

Let me explain:
For a wedding gift, my brother gave Justin the coolest, most Justin-like present of all time. It’s so perfect and thoughtful, I am choosing to ignore the fact that my brother gave me a 50 pound bag of rock salt as my wedding gift (which, while it may prove useful, is the least Stephanie-like gift of all time. I’m glad my family gets their kicks by mocking me.)
My brother, Wayne, gave Justin a barrel of Maker’s Mark (officially called Maker’s Mark Ambassadors). The barrel, with Justin’s name engraved on a brass tag attached, is currently at the distillery in Kentucky and in 10 years, Wayne and Justin will make the trip to whiskey-ville to watch the Maker’s team crack the barrel. Once it’s open, Justin will get the first bottle out of the barrel and will get to hand dip the wax seal himself.
Obviously, Wayne couldn’t let Justin have all of the fun, so right next to Justin’s barrel is another barrel with a brass nameplate with Wayne’s name on it. I am so jealous that Wayne thought of this! It is THE perfect Justin gift and I wish I had gotten to it first
(but I’m secretly glad to skip the Maker’s Mark Ambassador day in 10 years).
So now what to do just weeks after the Worlds Most Perfect Gift?
Something Maine-y/Northern like?
He’s obsessed with our new knives…maybe a giant knife to add to the block?
Anything Clemson will suffice but that’s beating a dead horse in my opinion
Some type of experience? Skydiving? Lobster fishing? Race car driving?
Ya’ll, I’m at a total loss. Suggestions would be much appreciated!