Happy almost weekend ya’ll!

Instead of my typical A Week in Photos (lazy) Friday post, today I’m linking up with April, Christina, Nastasha and Darci for their fun new link up: 5 on Friday! I’ve actually been thinking about putting together a “Current Obsessions” post so this is perfect timing!

Obviously, my 5 faves have to be Newlyweds:North Style and the only thing that is constant in my life right now (besides chaos) is travel – so my 5 are all things that keep me sane on these East Coast Marathon Journeys.

P.S. I’m currently shacking up in a hotel room in Maine with the Husband. Not quiiiiiite as romantic as the Honeymoon, but I’ll take it!

And now (with absolutely NO more lead in chatter) I present to you my 5 on Friday: Travel Edition

1. Longchamp Le Pilage

When we left for our honeymoon, I managed to start the trip off with a less than pleased Husband….apparently, I jammed an extra 15 lbs into my checked bag which resulted in a charming $90 fine. I think we can assume the only reason Justin chose not to go nuclear on the US Air counter person was because we were in love (ha). Anyways! Once we hit St. Barth’s I thought a stop at Longchamp might cure what ailed us and my oh my did I find somewhere to stash my extra lbs of bikinis. Behold, my new Longchamp Le Pilage Large Travel Tote

Here’s the best part about this bag (besides the French sales woman teaching Justin the correct way to say “Longchamp”…she eventually gave up): it can be jammed into the tiniest of overhead bins. Flying from Greenville to Maine requires boarding planes that are smaller than a Suburban. Even carry bags are checked on the tarmac and returned to you as you climb down the airplane stairs. This bag is the only carry on I’ve ever been able to jam into the roughly 6 square inches of space overhead.
Total win.

2. Sleep Machine White Noise App

I think I’m becoming even more of a creature of habit in my old age (hello 30, I see you there). If I try to sleep somewhere other than our bed at home, I seem to have a really tough time falling asleep and then staying asleep. It feels like every little noise makes me jump up and search for a weapon to defend myself against an intruder. So. Dramatic. (but so true) One of my girlfriends told me about the white noise apps you can download for free on your iPhone and I have been hooked ever since. My fave is the Sleep Machine Lite White Noise App

You can choose from a variety of sounds (I prefer Fan cranked up to mind dulling volume) or a blend of two sounds, if you’re fancy like that. There’s a timer and an alarm and all kinds of fun stuff. For a free app, I think it really covers all of the bases and I am surprised at how often I find myself using it.

3. Home T

As soon as I saw theses, I had to get one….and in solidarity with my Husband, I ordered both the South Carolina and Maine editions. The T’s are made in the USA, super soft and the best part: Home T donates a portion of their profits to benefit Multiple Sclerosis Research.
I plan to represent South Carolina this weekend at Acadia National Park – and I highly expect at least a couple of Southerners to come up and say Hey!

4. Pinterest App

With the new house closing in just a few days (12 days and 3 hours, but whose counting), I am back on the Pinterest band wagon (catch up on my anti-Pinterest feelings here). I can easily kill a 2 hour layover in Philly (my least fave East Coast lay over) looking at paint colors and deciding if I really could make curtains (nope.).

5. Bloom

There is nothing better than a good book.
Cheesy, I know, but I’ve always loved to read. When I travel,  I always have a book or two loaded on my iPad but I also toss a real, hold it in your hands, turn the pages book into my carry on. There’s always that point when you have to ditch your electronic devices and dig out the real thing, so be prepared! I just finished Kelle Hampton’s Bloom and I loved it. If you follow her blog, you’ll know the story but won’t mind reading it again.

As a typically glass half empty person, I am amazed at her optimism and determination – not the mention her honesty.

If you’re not into the heavy stuff on your travels, check out my post In Flight Entertainment  for a couple of Funny Girls Who Write Books.

I hope ya’ll have a fabulous weekend – we’re headed out to do Maine things (no idea what that means) so I’m sure I’ll have tons of stories to tell on Monday!