1. Stanley Tumbler | 2. Smiley Hand Sanitizer | 3. Smiley Face Slippers

4. Gummy Bear Light | 5. Under Eye Patches | 6. Instant Print Digital Camera

 7. Power Bank | 8. Mini Cordless Hair Straightener | 9. Leopard Throw Blanket

10. Clip On Double-Sided Video Light | 11. Wall Collage Craft Kit

12. Lululemon Look Alike Sweatshirt | 13. DIY Journal Kit

14. Rainbow Scratch Art Kit | 15. Silicone Magnetic Headphone Organizer

16. Karaoke Microphone

The excitement is off the charts with the debut of our very first Tween Girl Gift Guide! To make sure it hits the top tier and gets these mini teenagers thrilled, I’m bringing out all the heavy hitters.

Whether it’s for the girls who still love to play and get creative, the tech-savvy ones into photography or filming, or those seeking overall cool yet wholesome gifts – we’ve got it all.

Let me know which ones resonated with you!


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1. Stanley Tumbler: The creme de la creme gift for this holiday season. The most desired Stanley Tumbler. Available in a variety of colors. With this, you will be THAT person – prepare to dust your shoulders off.


2. Smiley Hand Sanitizer: Because she’s a toiletries girl living in a post-pandemic world. 


3. Smiley Face Slippers: How adorable are these Smiley Face Slippers?! Very trendy and fun. A practical gift that they will love. 

4. Gummy Bear Light: Room Accessories to brag about – check! If your girl loves to spruce up her room with fun decor then this will be a must.

5. Under Eye Patches: Alright, we know this generation is just blessed with good skin so why not help them maintain it?

6. Instant Print Digital Camera: I love this gift! I think it’s really useful and exciting no matter what your child/recipient’s interests are. Having an instant print digital camera is like a modern-day Polaroid that makes for so many memories to be recorded and shared.

 7. Power Bank: So she can never say her phone died. 

8. Mini Cordless Hair Straightener: OK, a two-fold gift – you know a win-win for mother and daughter. Haha. Seriously speaking this is great for girls in activities that like to keep their hair put together. Or if you’re just tired of her using yours. 

 9. Leopard Throw Blanket: Here’s the famous barefoot dreams dupe!

10. Clip On Double-Sided Video Light: For the TikTok star in the making! An easy snap onto her phone and this is the perfect lighting device to record.

11. Wall Collage Craft Kit: The idea of any little girl creating a Wall Collage is amazing. Seeing her document and record her fondest memories, interests, or moments to see is heartwarming. 

12. Lululemon Look Alike Sweatshirt: Iykyk! We all love Lululemon but those price tags for a growing girl are steep. Dupes are the best solution. 

13. DIY Journal Kit: Mental health at any age is important so gifting her a DIY Journal Kit really sets up the stage for her to be enthusiastic about writing about her life and feelings. It really is a lifelong gift if she uses it and saves it! 

14. Rainbow Scratch Art Kit: Such a cute art kit for home or on the go! 

15. Silicone Magnetic Headphone Organizer: She loves her music and is also in need of organization! 

16. Karaoke Microphone: I’m not saying you will be happy with this gift but she sure will. lol. Or hey, maybe it’ll be a family affair and you’ll spend the holidays bursting out duets. A Karaoke Machine is truly fun and this one comes in fun colors and with sound effects!