1. Gear Bots* | 2. Harry Potter Coding Kit | 3. Air Fort 

4. Dinosaur Globe Interactive | 5. Instamax Instant Polaroid Camera*

6. Save Spend Share Piggy Bank | 7. 3D Gravity Puzzle Sphere*

8. UNO Flip* | 9. Hedbandz Blast Off | 10. Upstruction 2 Player Balance Game

11. Monopoly Jr. | 12. Giant Outdoor Ping Pong Set | 13. Yeti Kids Cup*

14. Glow in the Dark Terrarium | 15. Super Gross Chemistry Set

16. Exploding Canding Chemistry Set | 17. Extreme Geiser Tube* | 18. Gib Gab Family Game

19. Gravity Maze | 20. 3D Doodle Pen

The 2023 Gift Guide for First, Second, and Third Graders is seriously cool stuff! From STEM wonders to gender-neutral goodies at different activity levels, these gifts are all about keeping them learning, having a blast, and happily busy.

These are awesome gifts that feel fun and exciting and still keep their budding brains buzzing.

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1. Gear Bots*: LEGO’s are classic and always fun. This collection, called Gear Bots is comprised of 8 LEGO physics-driven kinetic creatures that once built move around. Definitely a STEM favorite.

2. Harry Potter Coding Kit: This tech gift is seriously next-level cool! It’s the Harry Potter Coding Kit, complete with a wand you build and code to respond to movements. Trust me, it’s worth checking out the instructions and setup requirements before your little one dives in! Oh, and guess what? It’s also available inFrozen.

3. Air Fort: Having an Air Fort is insanely fun. It’s a breeze to set up, easy to take down and folds neatly into a bag when playtime’s over. Perfect for creating a cozy reading nook or a quick playtime escape.  

4. Dinosaur Globe Interactive: Scan the globe to get Dinosaur facts, play trivia games, and time travel!

5. Instamax Instant Polaroid Camera*

The Instax Instant Polaroid Camera is a perfect fit for this age range. It’s super user-friendly, compact in size, and undoubtedly a Best Seller every year running. I love the different colors the camera comes in and you can get them fun film to use for different memories/events to come.

6. Save Spend Share Piggy Bank: The Save Spend and Share Piggy Bank comes in 3 different color stacking blocks labeled for each use, Save is green, Spend is red, and Share is blue. With the top-offs from Grandma and Grandpa during the holidays. give your pre-tween an opportunity to mange their holiday funds.  

7. 3D Gravity Puzzle Sphere*: Think arcade pinball in the palm of your hand! It’s definitely a challenge but the pay off it awesome. 

8. UNO Flip*

UNO is the game that can either strengthen or test any family bond – haha. Consider this your official invitation to a round of UNO Flip.

9. Hedbandz Blast Off

This game is an absolute gem for family time! Headbandz has a way of getting everyone on their feet. The gist? Assist the Headbandz wearer in guessing the word on their card before the clock winds down. I promise the kids guessing will leave you in stitches.

10. Upstruction 2 Player Balance Game: Test their balance and focus with Upstruction 2 Player Balance Game. Helpful hint – have them play grandpa for full-on laughs. 

11. Monopoly Jr.: Enter Monopoly Jr., a fantastic way to ease them into the classic family game aka the greatest betrayals you will ever experience from family members haha.

12. Giant Outdoor Ping Pong Set: This Giant Outdoor Ping Pong Set is an absolute blast. It comes with the full setup – paddles, net, bases, and balls included!

13. Yeti Kids Cup*: I swear this can go on every single one of my guides and it will never miss. Pick their favorite color, match their lunch set, or even get it personalized. The Yeti Kids Cup is a win. 


Glow in the Dark Terrarium: Everything your kiddo needs to create and care for their very own Glow in the Dark Terrarium. I also love this Unicorn Terrarium.

15. Super Gross Chemistry Set: The Super Gross Chemistry Set is loaded with fun and fascinating experiments that unfold in the most exciting ways. I guarantee the name alone will pique their interest, and then the real fun kicks in

 16. Exploding Candy Chemistry Set: I truly love STEM kits like this Exploding Candy Chemistry Set. It’s amazingly gratifying seeing your kids get wrapped up in a gift that gets them engaging in hands out thinking and play.  

17. Extreme Geiser Tube*: Another science gift that will have your kids in an uproar and the whole family laughing and ducking for cover. The Extreme Geiser Tube lets you all test the infamous Mentos-Soda challenge! 

18. Gib Gab Family Game: This game is a personal favorite! It’s fantastic fun for the entire family and works like a charm for this age group. Just take turns saying a word from the category and hit the button.

19. Gravity Maze: It’s a fusion of a logic game, marble run, and STEM toy – say hello to Gravity Maze! With 60 challenges ranging from beginner to expert, this game is a holiday morning showstopper. Whether kids take on individual challenges, engage in group play or team up, it’s sure to keep everyone glued to the activity.


20. 3D Doodle Pen: An art, tech, and engineering gift! The 3D Doodle Pen lets you create your own. 3D art models to play with and keep to display.