1. Walkie Talkies* | 2. Kids Digital Camera | 3. Petite Magnetic Dress-Up Set

4. Name Crayons* | 5. Learn to Draw Projector | 6. Osmo*

7. Glow In The Dark Fort Building Kit | 8. Squigz Starter Set* | 9. Storybook Flashlight Projector

10. LCD Doodle Board | 11. Light Up Dance Mat* | 12. Personalized I Can Change the World Book* 


13. Sprinkle Kids Baking Set | 14. Interactive Talking US Map 

15. Yeti Kids Cup* | 16. Dueling Stomp Rocket Set | 17. Ninja Warrior Set*

18. Talking Kids Microscope | 19. Big Kid Bike | 20. Retractable Marker Set

Our Kindergarteners seem like 5-year-old trendsetters, so we’ve upped our Gift Guide game this year to keep them engaged, entertained, and utterly amazed. I’ve put in the effort to curate top-notch gifts that are not only unique but also ready to ship.

From one-of-a-kind art presents to active play sets that’ll have everyone moving and grooving, we’ve got it all! Dive into age-appropriate tech and the arts-focused gifts that fuel those growing minds and imaginations. With price points for everyone and gifts that the whole crew will love, this Gift Guide is all about making Kindergarten an unforgettable adventure!

Affiliate links are used in this post, therefore I earn a small commission on all qualifying purchases in this post and corresponding social media.


 1. Walkie Talkies*: Best gift ever, OVER! I said it last year, and I’ll shout it again – these walkie-talkies are pure genius. From epic hide-and-seek sessions to imaginative play and adventures with older siblings or parents, the fun never ends. Plus, if you’re gearing up for a winter vacay, throw them in your bag! Perfect for letting the kids roam around the resort.

2. Kids Digital Camera: It’s always a sweet surprise seeing a little one totally into snapping pics and capturing memories. This Kid’s Digital Camera is super budget-friendly and a breeze for anyone to use. It also comes in a variety of styles – even a unicorn.

3. Petite Magnetic Dress-Up Set: A great to-go gift that packs well and lets kids have fun creating stories based on the dress-up changes. Astronauts, pilots, and pirates galore. 

4. Name Crayons*: Always a hit with the artsy crowd! Customizing the crayons with their name or nicknames is just plain cool. 

5. Learn to Draw Projector: I still remember learning to draw—holding pics up to the light, crossing my fingers to trace before my arm gave out, haha! But hey, times have changed, and now with this Learn to Draw Projector, your budding artist can practice like a pro with way less arm workout.

6. Osmo*: We own and love Osmo. Gray plays with the coding set and it has surprisingly grown with him. Osmo has held a solid grip on the Best Sellers list for more than two years now. 

7. Glow In The Dark Fort Building Kit: The best part about this fort is the quick set up and take down. Then you turn off the lights and let them mission impossible till they tire out. 

8. Squigz Starter Set*: Squigz are seriously one-of-a-kind toys. The play setup is super simple, yet kids have a blast crafting all sorts of combos and setups.

9. Storybook Flashlight Projector: Now this is a great one that is really for the whole family. Get ready for bed or just some downtown with everyone cozied up and let the Storybook Flashlight Projector take you on an adventure. 

10. LCD Doodle Board: The ideal gift for a kindergarten whirlwind! Easy to stash in the car, toss in a bag for trips, or whip out during downtime between activities.

11. Light Up Dance Mat*: I’m all in for this! A Light Up Dance Mat means daily dance parties, play date dance parties, and let’s get the wiggles out before bed dance parties.

12. Personalized I Can Change the World Book*: Have your little one get lost in an adventure that features them changing the world. 

13. Sprinkle Kids Baking Set: Complete with everything you need for your kindergartener to be an aspiring baker. We own the kid knives from this brand and love them. 

14. Interactive Talking US Map: I find this gift to be so cool. It really exposes kids to geography at a young age and with the interactive features that allow them to learn so much more than just seeing a map. 

15. Yeti Kids Cup*: Another top pick that brings joy to kids and moms alike. Yeti is an awesome brand, and their cups can handle the wild lifestyle of kindergarteners like champs.

16. Dueling Stomp Rocket Set: All the great features of the original Stomp Rocket and with the added plus of more than one player at a time. 

17. Ninja Warrior Set*: If you have a climber or acrobat kid this one is definitely for you. Well worth the money! This makes for HOURS of fun. Here is also a lower price point option here: https://amzn.to/3rdyIJn.

18. Talking Kids Microscope: Love this for the science kid! Another great STEM gift that exposes kids early on. 

19. Big Kid Bike: If your kiddo is ready for the streets then this Big Kid Bike will make them feel like a really Big Kid. 

20. Retractable Marker Set: Crayola always makes quality products and these retractable markers are great because you’re not stressing loosing marker caps.