1. Wooden Balance Board* | 2. Outer Space Sensory Play Kit* | 3. Safari Magna Tile Set

4. Classic Red Rain Boots | 5. Play Bathroom Vanity with Working Sink | 6. Sit or Stand Scooter*

7. Kids Fire Tablet* | 8. Personalized Wooden Step Stool

9. Blockaroo Magnetic Foam Building Blocks | 10. Balance Bike*

11. Play Sink* | 12. Geosafari Binoculars* | 13. Touch and Learn Activity Desk*

14. Double Sided Table Top Easel | 15. Yum 2-3 Interactive Learning Toaster | 16. Dress Storage Rack

17. Bounce House* | 18. Montessori Road Building Kit

19.  Indoor Mini Trampoline with Balance Bar*  | 20. Search and Find Activity Mat Game


Get ready for the 2023 Preschool Gift Guide! Here is where the pint-sized adventurers meet excitement! Our guide is bursting with Best Sellers that promise a ton of engagement and excitement while keeping the mess to a minimum and the creativity flowing. We’re committed to sustainability, so these gifts are designed to grow with your kids and your family. They’re perfect for years of play and cherished memories. 

These curious, lively, and wonderfully opinionated little ones deserve the best. With gender-neutral options, STEM wonders, and budget-friendly picks, feel free to share this list with everyone you know, and get ready to witness the year’s brightest smiles!

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1. Wooden Balance Board*: We’ve had one for quite some time, and we absolutely love how long it’s lasted and in great condition considering how my kids use it. The kids never seem to get tired of it. And you’ll definitely be blown away by how they use this thing!

2. Outer Space Sensory Play Kit*: Sensory kits are really never-ending excitement. Reuse them repeatedly, swap out the different pieces, and every time feels like a fresh experience. One of the most sustainable gifts out there.

3. Safari Magna Tile Set: Magna Tiles are fun at any age! This Safari set is great for preschoolers as they learn their favorite animals and animal sounds. This will never become boring and leave room for lots of imaginative play. 

4. Classic Red Rain Boots: Classic Red Rain Boots are the ultimate cool kid fashion statement and are always a necessity. Hunter is an amazing company with quality products that are durable and fashionable.

5. Play Bathroom Vanity with Working Sink: I love how practical this Play Bathroom Vanity with Working Sink is. Useful for playtime and practicing growing activities like brushing teeth and hand washing. 

6. Sit or Stand Scooter*: Scooters are a blast, no matter your age! The Sit or Stand Scooter is perfect for little ones mastering scooter maneuvers and amazing for those requiring occasional breaks. Haha.

7. Kids Fire Tablet*:  The Fire Tablet is great for allowing screen time with solid parental controls. Give them access to what you’re truly comfortable with and with time discretion.

8. Personalized Wooden Step Stool: I love personalized gifts for kids. Gives them that extra special feeling of being acknowledged. This Personalized Wooden Step Stool with its name is fun and functional. 

9. Blockaroo Magnetic Foam Building Blocks: A cool way for kids to have fun and get creative with building blocks! They can really let their imaginations go wild with all the ways they can stack and switch the pieces.

10. Balance Bike*: Before you cruise on a tricycle, explore the world of a Balance Bike. It’s an excellent tool for learning bicycle basics, refining balance, and enhancing overall motor skills.

11. Play Sink*: If your kids share the same kitchen fascination as mine, they’ll absolutely enjoy their own space with a Play Sink. It’s the perfect setup for washing dishes, handling pretend veggies, and whipping up imaginative cooking adventures.

12. Geosafari Binoculars*The grip that these Binoculars have on kids is truly incredible. Geosafari Binoculars are designed for small hands and little faces, turning any outing – be it a trip, target, grocery shopping, or even the zoo (haha) – into a full-fledged exploration.

13. Touch and Learn Activity Desk*: I’ve never seen a kid not like this activity desk! It’s one of our longest-used toys and I genuinely don’t see a reason to get rid of it to they date. 

14. Double-Sideded Table Top Easel: For preschoolers with a penchant for art, this easel and art set are game-changers. With sturdy construction and versatile surfaces like a paper roll, whiteboard/magnetic board, and chalkboard, it’s a powerhouse of creative possibilities. The included chalk, magnets, dry-erase marker, and eraser add extra flair. Highly recommended for any little artist in the making!

15. Yum 2-3 Interactive Learning Toaster: New to the list but a truly long-lasting gift option. This little toaster is really interactive, with clear and engaging messages, it really gets kids wrapped up.

16. Dress Storage Rack: Elevate dress-up time with this charming Dress Storage Rack, complete with an included mirror! How cute is that upgrade? 😊 Your prince, princess, or superhero is going to feel like a full-blown star with this set. 

17. Bounce House*: No kid’s gift guide is complete without the iconic bounce house! This perennial best-seller holds the top spot for a reason. Believe me when I say, it’s a long-term money-saver – no exaggeration here. BEST SELLER OF ALL TIME.

18. Montessori Road Building Kit: How fascinating is this Montessori Road Building Kit?! It’s like a little engineering game and I couldn’t be more impressed. 

19.  Indoor Mini Trampoline with Balance Bar*: If your preschooler thrives from getting their body moving and jumping this is the perfect gift for you. Equipped with a balance bar for beginners, this gift really does the trick when your little one has those extra late-night wiggles.  

20. Search and Find Activity Mat Game: Search and Find is a challenging activity game that will stimulate those growing brains while having fun. I also love that more than one person can play – great for restaurants, play dates, and even just quiet time.