1.  Art Table | 2. Musical Doodle Board* | 3. Wooden City Building Block Set

4. Wooden Train Set Play Table | 5. Play & Fold Away Treehouse

6. Ball Pit and Play Tunnel Set* | 7. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Set*

8. Wooden Magnetic Cutting Fruits* | 9. Pop-Up Play Tent*

10. Cozy Cupe* | 11. Play Cottage | 12. Personalized Trip to the Zoo Story Book

13. Wooden Rainbow Stacking Set | 14. STEM Bath Toy Set  | 15. Wooden Latches Board*


16. Bubble Machine* | 17. Personalized Cozy Chair | 18.  Easy Grip Crayons

19. Giant Coloring Sheet Roll | 20. Wooden Dust, Broom, Mop Playset*

For those little ones who hold our hearts and our sanity in their tiny little hands, we proudly present the Gift Guide for Toddlers, 2023 edition. Discover an exciting blend of toys for active play, engaging sensory and art choices, S.T.E.A.M. selections, and fun family-friendly gifts. Gender-neutral options are included! Win extra points with the tiny bosses right under your roof and be sure to watch for the reappearance of some beloved best-sellers.

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1.  Art TableProviding a kid with their little spot for chowing down, having fun, and exploring the world is a big deal. This Art Table set is perfect for making mealtime, playtime, or craft time a breeze. I personally love the concept of placing this table in a shared space so they can do their thing while you take care of your tasks and still be there for them.

2. Musical Doodle Board*: A Best-selling sensory gift, the Crayola Musical Doodle Board is a multi-faceted gift that gives a full-on artistic experience. Changing light colors, different musical sounds, and a safe and sealed reusable surface for endless hours of play.

3. Wooden City Building Block SetToys that grow with your kids are a win-win for both the little ones and us parents. Check out the Wooden City Building Block Set – it’s a fantastic gift for toddlers to create scenes, stack ’em up, and dive into imaginative adventures. And the cool part? As the kiddos grow, these same pieces can transform into tools for math, spelling, and tackling brain teasers. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

4. Wooden Train Set Play TableThis Wooden Train Set Play Table is seriously amazing and loads of fun! It’s perfect for keeping toddlers entertained and for getting siblings, friends, and family in on the action. With tons of moving parts, it guarantees some seriously interactive playtime. All aboard for fun!

5. Play & Fold Away Treehouse: Radio Flyer is an ahhhh-mazing company of toys that promote development, and safety; plus they are so long-lasting. The Play & Fold Away Treehouse is a fantastic addition to any play setup. Inside or outside because it’s an easy slide away once you’re done! 

6. Ball Pit and Play Tunnel Set*: Bring the fun to your kids with this Ball Pit and Play Tunnel Set and feel free to enjoy them and enjoy yourself having fun in the comfort of your own home (or grandma’s for less clean up – haha)! No more stressing the germs that come with public play gyms or traveling in bad weather to keep the kids active.

7. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Set*: Puzzle pieces are a blast and offer toddlers a fun way to hone their motor skills, memory, and problem-solving abilities. What’s really cool about the Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Set is that it’s not your run-of-the-mill puzzle – it’s more challenging, which means more brainpower at play. With vibrant colors, familiar animals, and hours of useful play, it’s a win-win for little learners!

8. Wooden Magnetic Cutting Fruits*: My youngsters have been budding chefs since they started crawling. Wooden Magnetic Cutting Fruits have been a total game-changer when it comes to getting them involved in the kitchen and honing their motor skills.

9. Pop-Up Play Tent*: Pop-Up Play Tents are truly an underestimated gift for toddlers. You can create a reading nook for them or a comfortable snuggle space to doze off in. Trust me they will find a consistent and constant use for these tents and the added plus gives them privacy without being closed off to you. 

10. Cozy Cupe*I can’t get over how incredibly awesome this Cozy Coupe is! It’s like a turbocharged version of the classic Little Tikes coupe, decked out with larger wheels, a more eye-catching and lively front, and even some flashy “spotlights.”

11. Play CottageA playhouse is one thing, but a Play Cottage? Haha, now we’re talking about kicking it up a notch! It’s not just durable, but it’s a perfect 10/10 for sparking imaginative play. Pair it with the Melissa and Doug Dust, Sweep, Mop set (Best Seller Pick #20), and you’ve got yourself a fantastic setup for teaching some essential household cleanliness skills.

12. Personalized Trip to the Zoo Story Book: Personalized Books make kids feel so special and seen! If you have a mini animal lover in your life or a budding zoologist in your midst? A Personalized Trip to the Zoo Story Book is a creative and fun way to encourage their passion for animals and care. 

13. Wooden Rainbow Stacking SetSo simple and yet so intriguing! This Wooden Rainbow Stacking Set is so much more than meets the eye. There are endless ways to stack the pieces and make shapes or designs. 

14. STEM Bath Toy Set: The STEM Bath Toy Set is a game-changer. You can stack these toys in various ways, creating a continuous cycle of excitement and stimulation during bath time. It’s all about making it fun! Bath toys are a must for kids at this age. If your toddler is reluctant to hop in the shower, just toss in a toy! Don’t want to deal with hair-washing drama? Throw in another toy! Haha, I wish I could say I’m kidding, but let’s keep it real, right?

15. Wooden Latches Board*I’ve come across latching toys in the past, and I have to say, this Wooden Latches Board is hands down the best version I’ve seen. It’s visually stimulating, showing kids all the various spots they’ll encounter these latches, and the different locks themselves provide an excellent avenue for honing problem-solving skills. 

16. Bubble Machine* Bubbles! Who doesn’t enjoy bubbles?! This is another Best Seller and a win/win gift for parents everywhere. Turn this bubble machine on outside, in the bath, or even in the park, and enjoy a mini mental break while the kids go wild and entertain themselves following the bubbles and playing. 

17. Personalized Cozy Chair: How adorable, and chic, is this Cozy Chair?! It would be a great addition to any living space, bedroom (under a pop-up tent), or playroom. You can also personalize it for an added touch!

18.  Easy Grip Crayons: Staying in line with the developmental toy theme, these are fantastic for toddlers who are in the process of mastering their motor skills. Unlike traditional crayons, these come in unique shapes designed for a more comfortable grip. They provide your little ones with a better opportunity to learn how to hold and manipulate them while expressing their inner artists.

19. Giant Coloring Sheet Roll: I love giving the kids time to be creative artists and color or paint but boy do I dread the stacking up of coloring books. This eliminates that hassle for toddler parents. This Giant Coloring Sheet Roll can be spread out on the floor or adhered to a table in no time. It has perforated edges for easy tear-off, you can use different art supplies on this roll, and the sheets stick to surfaces with an adhesive that leaves no residue when pulled off. 

20. Wooden Dust, Broom, Mop Playset*:

 One of my all-time favorite things the kids own and an all-time Best Seller in this category. The kids love to be involved in cleaning up the house and we even make a game out of chores. Who can sweep up the cereal on the floor and get it all in the bin, or who can dust the playroom fastest? A win, win gift!

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