1. Heart of Memories Glass Heart Charm | 2. Desk Chair Wrap*

3. Grow Anywhere Meyer Lemon Tree | 4. Custom Engraved Family Tree Sculpture*

5. Stained Glass Water Lilly Sculpture* | 6. Porcelain Teacup with Lid | 7. Custom Pet Ceramic* 

8. Custom Kitchen Towel Set | 9. Propagation Terrarium* | 10. Stoneware Clay Bread Baker

11. Recycled Glass Birth Month Flower Vase | 12. Custom House Portrait*

13. Pickleball Paddle Set | 14. Gold Coin Hoop Earrings | 15. Book Nook Reading Valet

16. Ceramic Herb Garden Markers* | 17. Custom Home Painting Platter

18. Le Cruset Olive Oil Dispenser | 19. Heated Throw Blanket* | 20. Bee Drinking Garden Ball

Here we are, a new year, and once again, our most requested guide is back – The Mother-in-Law Gift Guide, the true original among our Gift Guides.

This year’s Mother-in-Law Guide caters to all sorts of relationships and budgets. We’ve got everything you can imagine, from sweet and sentimental to “I’m the reigning champ because she can’t live without this” and all the in-betweens.

And don’t forget, this list isn’t exclusively for the motherly figures in your life. You’ll discover gift ideas suitable for your dearest friends, beloved aunt, sister, and even something special for yourself, all right here!

A quick heads-up, anything marked with an asterisk has been a past best-seller, so naturally, they made it into this year’s guide too.

Affiliate links are used in this post, therefore I earn a small commission on all qualifying purchases in this post and corresponding social media.

1. Heart of Memories Glass Heart Charm: This glass heart is a window and charm. The message that comes with the heart will surely leave the recipient feeling seen and loved; “This heart carries the intention of Memory. May this heart awaken memories that bring happiness, peace, and comfort and allow me to rest in the love they bring.” They are original pieces of art so no two will be the same. It’s like giving her a unique piece of art that is solely for her, with her in mind.

2. Desk Chair Wrap*: For the busy MIL who loves her remote work, and definitely puts in those work hours like a champ. Give her some comfort with a Desk Chair Wrap. Keeps you nice and cozy. 

3. Grow Anywhere Meyer Lemon Tree: This is probably my favorite gift. The idea of gifting her a lemon tree is simply adorable and so loving to me. She can settle it in anywhere she likes and as it grows it’s a constant reminder of the joy and love behind the gift. 

4. Custom Engraved Family Tree Sculpture*: Such a beautiful gift that works great for big families with lots of grandbabies to show off. I love that it is also available in a glass dome ornament for their holiday decor.    

5. Stained Glass Water Lilly Sculpture*: If your Mother-in-law loves decorative conversation starters this Stained Glass Water Lily Sculpture is definitely an eye-catcher. The detail is exquisite and it’s such a unique sculpture piece. 

6. Porcelain Teacup with Lid: A simple teacup that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. The cover turns into a saucer and also holds the teabag during sipping. 

7. Custom Pet Ceramic*: My fave find from years past, these custom ceramics are made to match a treasured pet. You have to pop over to the artist’s page to see the photos of the pets and the final ceramics she creates. The work is so fun and sentimental. 

8. Custom Kitchen Towel Set: If she’s the family cook and shows her love by throwing down in the kitchen then gifting her a Custom Kitchen Towel Set is very on brand. You can get creative with the customization and make her feel so special and loved.

9. Propagation Terrarium*: For the green thumb in your life. A Propagation Terrarium is fun and continues to give! 

10. Stoneware Clay Bread Baker: Did your MIL learn how to bake bread during the pandemic like the rest of the world on TikTok? haha Or is she a natural-born breadmaker with generations of recipes? Either way, this Stoneware Clay Bread Baker is up to the task expectation!

11. Recycled Glass Birth Month Flower Vase: These vases are nothing like I’ve seen before and I love everything about them. Recycled glass, birth month flower detail, and such a sophisticated look.

12. Custom House Portrait*: This has been the all-time Best Seller from the Guides for Mothers-in-Law, Grandparents, Parents, in-laws, and new homeowners. A no-fail, slam-dunk gift idea. Each portrait is hand sketched and can be further personalized.

13. Pickleball Paddle Set: Pickleball has become the newest sports phenomenon and everyone and their momma or MIL is in. 

14. Gold Coin Hoop Earrings: Gold has done a full circle in the fashion world and honestly has always been a great accessory. These Gold Hoop Earrings are a great size and go with pretty much any style dress you prefer. 

15. Book Nook Reading Valet: For the MIL who loves to curl up with a good book. This Book Nook Reading Valet is perfect for her to hold her book, her readers, and a cozy drink. 

16. Ceramic Herb Garden Markers*: Gardening but make it chic haha. For the committed gardener in your life who loves some pizazz, even in their garden. 

17. Custom Home Painting Platter: A truly sentimental gift. This Custom Home Painting Platter has so many amazing reviews and all express how much the recipient loved and cherished the thought and the gift. Help your MIL and your significant other memorialize their home in a special way. The platters can be used or put on display as art.

18. Le Cruset Olive Oil Dispenser: Another kitchen/cook gift that will be a big hit. You can also pair it with my favorite Kosterina Olive Oil Set.

19. Heated Throw Blanket*: Another best seller for obvious reasons. Practical, comforting, and great for family snuggles. 

20. Bee Drinking Garden Ball: This Bee Drinking Garden Ball is a wonderful present for the MILs who cherish their gardens and are passionate about supporting the bees.

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