1. Personalized Drawing Blanket | 2. Family Tree Art | 3. Personalized Garden Tools

4. Photo Calendar*   | 5. Long Distance Love Lamp Picture Frames

6. Personalized Doormat* | 7. Framed Family Photo*

8. Handwritten Recipe Baking Dish* | 9. Custom Cupcake Baking Tin*

10. Personalized Family Member Sign Post | 11. Hand and Footprint Ornament Kit*

12. Custom Garden Stone | 13. Custom Sunbeam Wind Chimes* | 14. Original Hand-cut Dog Portraits*

15. Custom House Painting Display Platter | 16. Personalized Wildlife Bee Barn*

17. Silhouettes* | 18. Conversation Cards for Grandparents

19. Personalized Glass Cookie Jar | 20. Custom Kid Drawing Platter*

Introducing the Grandparents’ Gift Guide, a curated selection of meaningful and sentimental presents designed to be cherished for generations to come. Our collection features items that can be chosen by grandkids, further enhancing the bond between generations by involving them in the gift-giving process.

And if you spy an asterisks, rest assured that you’ll be giving a top-notch gift because those are best sellers! 

Affiliate links are used in this post, therefore I earn a small commission on all qualifying purchases in this post and corresponding social media.

1. Personalized Drawing Blanket: How absolutely adorable is this Personalized Drawing Blanket?! Imagine, a cute drawing of a grandparent’s date with the little ones or a superhero grandparent rendering. They will love it. It also is available in a handwritten letter version here.

2. Family Tree Art: A new find, and I knew it had to be added to the list. I love the clean lines and classic style of this family tree. Great for large, multiple-generation families. 

3. Personalized Garden Tools: The messages on these garden tools are the best part! If either grandparent is an avid gardener then these gifts will wow them and warm their hearts. An alternate tool option with the same great detail.

4. Photo Calendar*: This is a great grandparent’s gift for the office, business, or home. All grandparents love to show off their families. Add important dates, and pictures from last year’s special events, or even add some upcoming surprises for them to look forward too. 

5. Long Distance Love Lamp Picture Frames: The OG grandparent’s gift guide best seller got a makeover! Now it comes as a digital photo frame set. Still the sweetest concept with a chic look! 

6. Personalized Doormat*: Talk about a forever classic Best Seller! You can customize this doormat to have a catchy phrase they always say or one of the quirky jokes they make when you come over. Go fun or just simply a classic “Nana & Papa’s House”. Either way, they will love it! 


7. Framed Family Photo*: You can never go wrong with a sophisticated and chic Framed Family Photo. Imagine how much they’ll love to show everyone their beautiful family and all those bright little faces of their grandbabies. Candids, family trips, or even special event photos are always loved. 


8. Handwritten Recipe Baking Dish*: A twist on this bestseller: let the grandkids write their favorite recipe that the grandparents make for them. Perfect for bigger kids to help create a sentimental gift that will make a huge impact and eventually be passed on. 

9. Custom Cupcake Baking Tin*: A solid best-seller for the grandparents who love to bake, or to make memories in the kitchen. This is the 2021 best seller and can be customized with messages and names. 


10. Personalized Family Member Sign Post: This is Mamie’s dream gift! A sweet ode to all the long-distance families, especially if grandma and grandpa’s place is the central meeting point.


11. Hand and Footprint Ornament Kit*: Snag this kit to make the perfect keepsakes. My mom still has our little hand prints hanging on our tree 35-plus years later. 


12. Custom Garden Stone: The garden stone is great with out without a garden. A nice addition to any landscaped space at home or any place they love. 

13. Custom Sunbeam Wind Chimes*: Wind Chimes were so popular last here I have an updated 2023 version for you! Of course, customized with the names you’d like. 

14. Original Hand-cut Dog Portraits*: Do they have their own fur baby they can’t dream of being without. An Original Hand-cut Dog Portrait will be beautiful to frame and hang up for them to always cherish. 

15. Custom House Painting Display Platter: Want to memorialize your childhood home for your parents, or perhaps a painting of their favorite vacation home?! This custom House Painting Display Platter is so unique and sentimental. 

16. Personalized Wildlife Bee Barn*: Here is an updated 2023 version of this bestseller! Definitely another option for your Gardener nana or pop pop. 

17. Silhouettes*: I truly love this gift for anyone and everyone. It’s delicate, sentimental, and pairs well in any household. Being able to gift silhouettes of yourself and your siblings or the grandkids will leave the grandparents in happy tears. 

18. Conversation Cards for Grandparents: It’s never too late to learn more about the grandparents. Sometimes we get to know them so well as mom and dad and then grandparents it would be nice to have conversations with them that lets your whole family get to know THEM. 

19. Personalized Glass Cookie Jar: Personalize this glass cookie jar with a two-line message. The perfect gift for the grandparents who always love to have baked treats on hand!

20. Custom Kid Drawing Platter*: I love this as a family portrait, a rendering of a favorite family trip or tradition.