1. Golf Laser Range Finder | 2. Fleece Lined Sweatpants* | 3. Solar Device Charger
4. Create Your Own Video Game Kit | 5. Cocktail Smoker Kit
6. Build Your Own Bluetooth and FM Radio | 7. Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Carafe
8. Italian Leather AirPods Charging Case* | 9. Yeti Backpack Cooler
10. Bose Mini Waterproof Speaker | 11. Sneakerhead Notebook | 12. Dearth Vader Control Stand
13. Custom Song Wall Art | 14. Meater Thermometer* | 15. Putting Green*
16. Watercolor Golf Course Map* | 17. Handmade Pretentious Beer Glass HAZY IPA Glass*
18. Handmade Flamewear Pizza Stone | 19. Hover Helmet Display | 20. Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager
It’s safe to say that finding the ideal gift for men can be quite a challenge. Striking the balance between practicality, functionality, and just plain cool can be a headbanger. So that is exactly why you’re going to love this year’s Gift Guide for Him – it is truly freaking awesome!
Your favorite Best Sellers are back and marked off with an asterisk for quick searching. If you’re looking for something new then you have a full list of genuinely practical and “wow” factor picks. With a range of price points, different interests, and even some sentimental gifts that will continue creating the sweetest holiday memories. Cheers to getting it right every time!
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1. Golf Laser Range Finder: This cool ass gadget is Justin’s favorite! Don’t even ask me how it really works but if he likes it, well I love it.
2. Fleece Lined Sweatpants*I’m already eyeing these Fleece Lined Sweatpants my husband’s rocking. Men need their comfy sweatpants, and if you’re in a chilly spot or have an outdoorsy guy in your crew, these are a top choice.
3. Solar Device ChargerCheck out this slick gift that’s a win for any guy you know. Because, let’s be real, there are times when outlets are a distant dream, but you still need your devices charged up and good to go. Perfect for your camping enthusiast or the bae who’s all about hiking.
4. Create Your Own Video Game Kit: Dude this gift is phenomenal. Creating your own Video Game Kit is so fun and badass. I just know that any guy, from any gamer era will absolutely die receiving this! This would also be so special as a father-son combo gift for them each to have one and code.
5. Cocktail Smoker Kit: This Cocktail Smoker Kit has the greatest reviews! Easy to use and extremely fun for the whiskey lover or the host who loves to wow his guests with a strong drink.
6. Build Your Own Bluetooth and FM RadioNo need for an electrical-engineering degree to put together your own radio! Definitely an ideal gift for the man who loves to build and create with his hands. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be messy and leave you with pieces all over the place. This kit includes all the goods to build one with an FM tuner, USB and aux ports, and even Bluetooth® connectivity.
7. Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Carafe: Coffee lovers know their fellow coffee lovers. Having a Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a wonderful gift for at home or the office!
8. Italian Leather AirPods Charging Case*Ever snagged a guy a cool gadget, only to see it collect dust because of battery forgetfulness or the fear of damage/loss? Check this out – the Italian Leather Airpods Charging Case, your one-stop solution. It lets them juice up their AirPods wirelessly or with a cord, all while keeping them snug and scuff-free with a sturdy cover.
9. Yeti Backpack Cooler: Yeti’s the real deal – a brand you can trust. Their gear is as solid as it gets, built to last and take a beating. Now, check out the Yeti Backpack; it’s your ticket to keeping drinks and grub chilled ’round the clock. No more lugging a hefty cooler around and killing your back, especially on the beach. Whether you’re hiking, camping, rafting, or just out for the day, it’s your all-in-one cool companion. It’s our most used cooler!
10. Bose Mini Waterproof Speaker: This mini speaker packs the biggest punch! Convenient, crisp sound, and waterproof. He’s going to love it.
11. Sneakerhead Notebook: For the doodler in your life who is a certified sneaker head. A cute idea for your man who loves a good note book.
12. Dearth Vader Control Stand: We KNOW our Star Wars boys love anything Star Wars related. How cool is this control stand?! A true-fan gamer gift for any age!
13. Custom Song Wall Art: I love this Custom Song Wall Art for so many reasons. How clever it is, how unique, and for all the ways you can make this gift so amazingly touching. A wedding song, a childhood favorite song, their favorite anthem, skies the limit.
14. Meater Thermometer*It’s back as a crowd favorite, folks. A meat thermometer is a seriously handy gift for BBQ enthusiasts or kitchen rookies. It takes the guesswork out of cooking meat with its app that shows the temperature and cooking time.
15. Putting Green*You know how the old man, bro, or your dear hubby’s hustling hard, but the golf swings are getting rusty from lack of time on the green? Time for the game-changer: a Putting Green. This cool gift lets them practice their stroke right at home. And guess what? It’s a best-seller for a reason – it never disappoints!
16. Watercolor Golf Course Map*:

Got a golf-loving guy with a fave course or a memorable trip in mind? Check out this Watercolor Golf Course Map – it’s a seriously sweet gift choice. Give your golfer a print of the course where they scored their first hole-in-one or where they fell in love with the game. It’s a heartfelt keepsake they’ll treasure. 
17. Handmade Pretentious Beer Glass HAZY IPA Glass*: Gift Guide Season is my annual beer-ducation time! My bet? The Hazy IPA glass is gonna be another winner this year.
18. Handmade Flamewear Pizza Stone: Ok, this is a win-win gift. They get to enjoy the art of making pizza and you get to eat pizza. No brainer!
19. Hover Helmet DisplayIntroducing the Hover Helmet Display, the ultimate choice for sports fanatics looking to amp up their office, dorm room, or sacred man cave. Take your pick from a wide array of options, featuring both college and pro teams. It’s the game-day vibe that never quits, wherever you want it!
20. Shiatsu Back and Neck MassagerCome on, who can say no to a good massage, right? The Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager is as practical as it gets, a must-have for your hardworking guy or that sporty superstar you can’t help but love.