1. Indoor Basketball Hoop | 2. Magnetic Klask Table Top Game | 3. Personalized Sneaker-head Light

4. Star Wars Slippers | 5. Magnetic Marble Run | 6. Sneaker Balls

 7. Pogo Ball Trick Board | 8. Smiley Slippers | 9. Gummy Bear Light

10. Glow in the Dark Basketball | 11. Long Sleeve Tee

12. Glow in the Dark Gamer Blanket | 13. Retractable Net Ping Pong Set

14. Memory Cube Game | 15. Sussed Card Game

16. Super Skills Group Game

It’s here!! If you loved the Tween Girl Gift Guide, then you’re going to absolutely love me with the Tween Boy Gift Guide! It’s top-tier gift-giving.

From budget-friendly picks to splurge-worthy surprises, I’ve curated a range of gifts that cater to all interests. Whether it’s for the boys who love to game, are home-bodies, into group games, or dive sports aficionado gifts – we’ve got the perfect fit.

Explore the guide and let me know which ones hit the sweet spot for your tween guy!


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1. Indoor Basketball Hoop: An Indoor Hoop is a lifetime gift! Easy to assemble and can last years to come with loads of fun as they grow and practice.


2. Magnetic Klask Table Top Game: This Magnetic Klask game is really cool. It’s a hybrid of air hockey and foosball. Definitely a great family game gift for your competitive boy.

3. Personalized Sneaker-head Light: For the all things basketball/Michael Jordan collector or sneaker-head this light is awesome. Perfect for bedroom decor!


4. Star Wars Slippers: Star Wars boys always start young. Let them show how strong the force is with them with Darth Vader slippers.

 5. Magnetic Marble Run: I love Nat Geo gifts. They are truly entertaining and challenging with a solid lesson built in. Marble Run is a magnetic puzzle for creative minds! 

6. Sneaker Balls: Another sneaker-head gift, or just a simply good gift for your growing boy with growing feet. These Sneaker Balls keep the inside of sneakers smelling fresh to death. They can also be used in bags or lockers. 

 7. Pogo Ball Trick Board: This is a ball of a game – no pun intended. Not for the faint of heart, get ready to hear the cheers and laughs while they try to make this physically challenging Pogo Ball Trick Board.

8. Smiley Slippers: Because our little men need comfort too. I say get yourself a pair and be matching slipper buds. 

9. Gummy Bear Light: A super cool room decor piece! 

10. Glow in the Dark Basketball: A great find for the baller boy in your life! This is a fun and useful gift all year round! Especially during those warm summer nights. 

11. Long Sleeve Tee: Vineyard Vines is a great company with the best quality clothes. Love this long sleeve tee with their signature logo. 

12. Glow in the Dark Gamer Blanket: How cool is this Glow in the Dark Gamer Blanket?! I bet any gamer kid would love this in his bedroom or gaming room setup. 

13. Retractable Net Ping Pong Set: This table net game has the best reviews online and from so many different reviewers. Grandparents, Parents, Aunts, and Uncles alike say their kids absolutely loved this game and it became an instant family hit. It’s a very convenient setup and take down, and great for travel. 

14. Memory Cube Game: Think Light Up Simon on steroids! Straight forward directions that challenge you all the way.

15. Sussed Card Game: Sussed is a really fun and silly card game that really gets you to think about the players around you. You ask a question and then challenge your family and friends to guess which hilarious answer you would have chosen. Makes for serious laughs. 

16. Super Skills Group Game: A group game where you show off how skillful and competitive you are.  This is awesome for hang-outs with friends or family members.