Hey Ya’ll! And Heeeeeello Weekend! 
I’m Linking Up with Christina and Co. for another edition of 5 on Friday!
Mom and Daddy (and me and Husband having our first dance in the background)
Ya’ll, I am about to tee-tee in my pants (the MOST Southern thing to say. Ever.) with excitement because my parents will be right here in Maine in just a few short hours! 
They decided that the best way to celebrate their 34th Wedding Anniversary was to make a trip North to visit their first born and most favorite daughter.
(I should mention that I am onviously their only daughter.)
So, for today’s 5 on Friday, we’ll be discussing the 5 things that I.can’t.wait to do with my parents during their first visit. 
1. Tourist Time

So, the last (and only) time I ventured to Bar Harbor it looked like this:
Cold + Rain = Miz
I can’t wait to drag my parents out there to show off our new home state and to get to enjoy Bar Harbor in Summerish weather (the highs are in the 70’s here)! Not only is the area really gorgeous and Mainey, but this season has been really great for nature watching. Obviously, I’m hoping to rope Mom and Dad into the The Most Super Tourist Experience of Whale Watching! I heard through the grapevine that Minke Whales, Puffins and Harbor Seals have all been spotted over the last few weeks. Dude. Harbor Seals live 30 minutes from our new house. What?! 
2. Get Our Nature On

My mom really, really wants to go to Acadia while they’re here….and I hope she doesn’t have any crazy ideas like actual biking or hiking or anything. I already told my Dad that we can actually drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain and I know for sure that he’ll be on Team Drive To The Summit. 
In all seriousness, Acadia is gorgeous and I can’t wait to show Mom and Dad the Maine Coastline, Thunder Hole and Cadillac. Of course, I’ll sneak in a well deserved lunch at my absolute fave wilderness spot, The Jordan Pond House, as a treat! 
Actual shot of Jordan Pond, in Acadia National Park, color enhanced by Instagram
3. Lobstah
(P.S. People in Maine don’t really say it like that, people from Boston do!)
Bar Harbor Lobster Lunch
Ok, believe it or not, we have yet to purchase and cook Lobster here in Maine. Our dear friends Maria and Handsome Andrew (not his birth name, but it should be), gave us a Lobster Pot as a Wedding Gift and I can’t wait to bust that bad boy out this weekend! After you read #4 below, I think you’ll agree that we’ll owe Dad a Lobster Dinner for sure! 
4. Slave Labor

My Dad is a Charter Captain and a General Contractor, which makes him the handiest Dad on the Planet Earth. I secretly called him in tears a day after we moved into the Maine House because it seemed like every.single.thing. was broken and/or older than dirt. He assured me that he would be in Maine soon to fix everything that he could (and told me not to cry about the house in front of Justin, which was good advice, that I promptly ignored).
This weekend we have a huge project to tackle. 
We knew when we bought our house that our back steps/porch thing was in rough shape. We didn’t know that it would fall off the back of the house a few days after we moved in….true.story. 
Totally Rogue Steps that we lovingly call “The Death Trap Stairs”
My Dad and Justin are planning to rip the old porch off and build a new one this weekend. I plan to hide while this is happening. 
5. Mossiomo’s

Mussels sent from Heaven, through Mossimo, to my mouth. Instagram from our last Date Night with Mossimo

Or, if we’re being fancy, Mossimo’s Cucina Italiana, but I like to think of it as Heaven on Earth. Mossimo’s Cucina Italiana is our most fave restaurant in Bangor. It is the perfect combo of Date Night Intimate but still incredibly welcoming and comfortable.
 Mossimo, the owner and chef, works his magic in the kitchen every single night and we have yet to be disappointed. I am willing to blow every single WW Point I’ll ever have, and then go on a run, just to enjoy a night at Mossimo’s. Mossimo also owns a bakery down the street and we met him there by chance on one of our very first, rainy and cold, House Hunting Weekends in Maine. Mossimo himself welcomed us to Maine, insisted we join them for dinner, even though the restaurant was booked, and worked us in later that evening. When we arrived, the staff had been told we were coming, Mossimo welcomed us from the Kitchen and we were spoiled rotten with the best Italian food of all time. Every time we return, the staff remembers our name, Mossimo makes us a delicious dinner and we leave fat and happy. I can’t think of a meal I’d rather spoil my parents with to celebrate their anniversary. 
(and I can’t wait to get my hands on that damn bread!) 
I’ve been frantically whipping the house into shape so that everyone has a place to sleep that doesn’t require hurdling over boxes and shuffling past randomly stashed sofas….aaaaand, I may have one bedroom that is completely shut off to prying eyes because what I couldn’t find a home for or didn’t have time to unpack has been shoved in there! 
Just call me the Hostess of the Year! 
Have a fab weekend, ya’ll!