Morning Ya’ll! I am nestled into my fave corner chair at the Bangor Starbucks ready to update ya’ll on the super busy and productive weekend we had (but damn, can a girl get some internet in her own house? I mean come on! Husband? Are you out there??).
First, let me say Welcome, Ya’ll! to all of those who have popped over from Jenni’s blog..I’m thrilled to have ya’ll and hope that you make yourself comfy stay a while.
(That was a lot of ya’lls, even for me.)
So, I bet ya’ll (ha! another one) are wondering how my Lady Date went, right??
Well, it was Heavenly (over the top, but true.). So many of you commented that you completely understood where I’m coming from and didn’t think I was a complete basket case….we can all agree that I’m a bit off my rocker but I haven’t quite bought the whole farm (yet)…but it is so amazing to have feedback other than the look on my Husband’s face when I say something like “I’m going on a Lady Date!”…so thanks for being there ya’ll! 

Lady Date:
Ok, so Lady Date recap: I met M at 11 Central (I was late, which I HATE, but I can’t seem to get the hang of all of the one way roads around here…and I have successfully navigated major cities on my own…but Bangor gets me all turned around) and we proceeded to have glasses of wine that turned into dinner and then the next thing I knew, 3 hours had passed. The staff was literally cleaning up around us and eating their own dinners…just like a real first date (in the movies)! 
We have so, so much in common and even have similar dynamics in our relationship with our Husband/Fiancé. Oh yeah! She’s currently engaged! I was happy to tell her that if she needed some Bad Bride Time, then I was her girl! 
I actually had a light bulb moment at dinner…maybe I should start a consulting business walking Brides through the process so they don’t have to feel like a Bad Bride! M might just be my first client 🙂 
I am so beyond grateful to have found another non-skiing, wine guzzling, judgy B to hang out with. 
There are literally no words.

Weekend Workout Fail:
Ya’ll, this is a real story. I found a work out class that seems similar to Pure Barre, which I loved in Greenville. I found the studio online, called the instructor for info, liked the Facebook page, signed up for a 10:30am class on Saturday morning, got up, found work out clothes (that may be the most impressive part of all), left the house on time and then drove in circle for 30 minutes trying to find the studio. Literally, with GPS I couldn’t find this place. I don’t need much to deter me from working out and circling downtown did not inspire me to get my fitness on. I never found it, went home and made Justin take me to lunch. True Story. 

DIY Diva:
 This weekend I had some help from Justin around the house. I’m having a tough time navigating this little moving experience in our relationship. I know he’s working all day – trust me- I get that, but I’m also working trying to unpack an entire house on my own. It’s really tedious, lonely and draining. Sometimes, I just need his help when he gets home to do things that I literally can’t…like hang the plasma TV’s or hang a really big framed piece in our horse hair plaster walls. It really, really bums him out to have to help me when he gets home from work – and he doesn’t keep that a secret – and the fact that he’s bummed out bums me out. It’s a vicious cycle. 
But, I digress. My Husband was super helpful this weekend and we got tons of 2 people projects done around the house.
Hang all of the TV’S on the wall mounts: check
Get our Master BR in livable shape: check
Make sure no one will die on a trip hazard in the front hall: check
Pull everything out of the shed and determine if it is really shed worthy: check (and most of it was not)
Bicker about pretty much all of it: check! 
I managed to get a few of the DIY Projects checked off of my list. 
Behold, our new Master Bedroom lamps, found at a thrift shop for $5 each:
As ya’ll know, I’m going for a black and white color scheme with pops of gold, so even though these pups are brass, they just weren’t quite right. I hit them with a few coats of my fave spray paint (I effing looove spray paint -so easy!) and they were perfect! 
The Good Stuff!
Subtle difference: the one on the right with a coat of paint, the left is au natural
The black shades were from Target and frankly cost more than the lamps and spray paint put together. 
iPhone photo fail
And next up, the Horns get Fancy!
Blogger Fail: forgot to get a before photo until after I started taping…ooops.
You may remember that these babies were found at the Jockey Lot in South Carolina….and what is a Jockey Lot you ask? Weeeeeell, its a giant, semi permanent yard sale where one can buy anything from a puppy (!!) to a grapefruit. It is, hands down, the BEST people watching in the state. Justin and I would go for the free people watching entertainment (and the food, because lets be real, I do most things for the food). 
Anyways, I wanted to jazz them up for our new Master, so they got a little love from the gold spray paint. I only wanted the tips of the horns to be gold, and I tend to rush and mess things up, so I went ahead and taped the horns all over. 
If you are more patient that me (so, anyone) you prob could get away with just taping off the areas you want to paint so you’ll end up with a sharp line. 

Do ya’ll see my mistake? Yeah, make sure the edges of the tape are pressed down hard or you won’t get a straight line…and you’ll have to do those areas again…see below.

Ta Da! 

And we’re done! Super easy and fast! Both projects took maybe 5 minutes each…finding the lamps was for sure the hardest part. And, no one was injured in the process (even me)! 
Look out for both of these projects when I reveal our new Master.
And, after this post, I promise to go find my camera and start using it again. Seriously, that is some shoddy photojournalism right there.
I have a very exciting week coming up – my parents are coming to visit on Friday!! I literally can.not.wait. I’ll tell you more about our plans soon, but for now, have a fabulous Monday!