Helloooooo Weekend!
Per usual, I’m linking up with the 5 on Fri ladies, including April at A.Liz Adventures.
I am actually super stoked for this weekend because we are hitting up one of Bangor’s biggest and best festivals, The KAH BANG V Festival. We should see Indie bands, Independent Beer Brewers, Art Installations, amazing Films and crazy people watching…..as long as it stops Monsooning.
We live in a small town but I am constantly amazed at the opportunities to see and do new things that pop up around here. 
For this weeks 5 on Friday, I am catching up and re-capping the best parts of last weekend’s jaunt to Atlanta.

1. Ladies Who Brunch
I am a girl who adores her Brunch.
I’m talking Brunch that begins with a Diet Coke (to cure last night), slides into a coffee (to start this morning) and of course tumbles into a mimosa (for today’s adventures). Charlotte was the best Brunch city that I’ve ever lived in. If you are ever visiting the Queen City, I highly reccomend Zada Jane’s in the Plaza Midwood area. You can plop yourself there for hours of chatting and catching up. I was thrilled to hear that our Atlanta Hostess for the weekend, Ashley, had insisted that the girls Brunched while the boys golfed (golf will never get a capital G in my book). We spent a few glorious hours rehydrating, gossiping and fueling up for a day of shopping at the Treehouse Restaurant and Pub in Buckhead.

The atmosphere, company and french fries were perfect.

2. Boozy Birthdays
The Wedding Weekend also happened to coincide with a very important Birthday – our friend Andrew was kind enough to hold off on his bday celebration until we wrapped up all of our Wedding related activities – but after that, it was Game On. We partied on the rooftop of the W Hotel at Whiskey Blue. Shots and who knows what else ensued. I have to say, I miss bottle service, VIP lounges and $20 cocktails (ok, not the last one, but you get the idea).

Before: Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed
After: Time to go home…

3. The Dance Floor

Justin and I love wedding dancing…and this wedding, I was lucky (bossy) enough to drag my Partners In Crime, Caroline and Ashley, onto the dance floor with me. I have the blisters to prove that we spent as much of the night with the band as possible. And no, I’m not sorry that we apparently held hands and danced in a circle. Thanks for documenting this fabulousness Andrew.

4. Reality Stars
Are ya’ll watching Big Rich Atlanta or Pretty Wicked Moms? NO!? You should be. And if you are, then you should recognize these ladies and their false eyelashes:

We happened to swing by Swank just in time for an appearance…Ashley swears this was by chance…I think not.

You know you’ve left small town Maine and made it to a Big City when you can bump into reality stars ….. 

5. Home
We kinda don’t realize just how far away we live from our friends until we need to travel to get to them. Our travel days to and from ATL averaged out to be about 8 hours long each…I hate to admit how much that surprised us! With email, FB, IG and ahem, blogging, I feel like we live just down the street form our loves…buuuut, we don’t.
Not even close.
On Sunday, we had to get going ungodly early to make sure we got home to Maine before midnight….not what we wanted to do after a night of celebrating. Somehow, we landed early in Philly and then were able to hop on an earlier flight home to Maine. When we landed, we were treated to one of the most beautiful afternoons in Maine yet…and while dragging our stuff across the airport parking lot, Justin looked at me and said “I like it here, Steph”.
I can’t being to tell you how that made my little heart sing (I can’t help but imagine the Grinch here). To know how much we’ve been through. tolerated and survived during this move and to see that it has all been really worth it….that is more than I could have hoped for when we started this “adventure”.

Happy Weekend Loves!