Hey Ya’ll! It’s been so fun linking up, cheering for, egging on and representing the Best Season of the Year this week! Many, many thanks to all ya’ll who participated in the Link Up and good luck to all of your fave teams (except the Dawgs, just this once).
Today I’m wrapping up Kick Off Week by linking up with the 5 on Friday gals to share 5 random things that I’m really, really looking forward to this weekend:
1. My Parents

 (Mom and Dad in Acadia!)

My parents are amazing. 
Once it became apparent that I thought that Justin was, at the very least, boyfriend material, my parents hopped on the Clemson Bandwagon with reckless abandon.They have attended a home game each season that Justin and I have been together and text him every single Game Day after an exciting play or an excruciating loss. As luck would have it, we convinced them to get tickets to the Clemson/ Georgia game a long, long time ago, before we knew we were moving a 26 hour drive away from Memorial Stadium. I am lucky to have just gotten to see them in Maine and now they are clearly petitioning for Parents Of The Year and dragging our tailgate essentials down from Virginia so that we won’t be ill equipped. That’s right, they are packing corn hole boards, bags, chairs, a rando back up tent, giant cooler and all of our booze  and driving it down from Virginia for us. 
Mom even called me the other day to tell me that 1. she wanted to borrow my orange reception shoes and 2. she went to her fave boutique and purchased two potential Game Day Outfits (just in case she needs a back up….apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!)
Thanks, Mom and Dad!
2. Our Friends
(This was not on the approved poses list but Justin thinks this picture is HILarious)
Our Tailgate Crew means the world to us – every single one of the guys stood by Justin as his groomsmen (yep, all 10 of them) and their wives are ok too. Just kidding!! 
I love our friends and we are lucky to have each other. Not only will we get to spend the weekend with our Tailgate Crew, but we’ll get to see some of our long lost Greenville friends too! I have a brand new baby bump to rub all over, a Charlotte love to hug on and former co-workers to drink cocktails with. And, if I’m very lucky, I’ll get to see a bridesmaid or two decked out in red and black! 
3. Happy Husband
(Idiots…but happy idiots)
Clemson is my Husband’s Happy Place. 
Nothing makes him more excited or alive (no, not even me. No comment). I actually envy him – to have such passion and love for something (even his alma mater) is really special, I think. I will say that we walk a fine line between love/happiness/fun time Justin and super anxious/competitive/aggressive Justin. If we spend our day on the sweet side of the spectrum, I’ll be a happy wife. Seeing as we have a 12 hour day of Tailgating, I’ll go ahead and cut my losses around kick off and just be grateful that we made it through the day 🙂 But in all seriousness, seeing my Husband in his Happiest Place of All really is worth all of the traveling, packing and planning. I kinda like him, so seeing him all giddy and man happy is fun.
4. Chick Fil A
This is not a political statement, I just live really, really far away from a Chick Fil A now. And.It.Is.A.Bummer.
Seeing as we’re traveling so far, we are bringing multiple Chick Fil A catering platters to the Tailgate. Sometimes this makes me feel like a bad Tailgate Wife, but the guys love it and the trays are picked clean every time, so what can you do? 
I plan to start my day with a Chicken Biscuit, enjoy a hand full of Chickin Minis for a snack and make a meal out of Chicken Nuggets for lunch. 
Sorry I’m not sorry. 
Calories don’t count on Game Day.
5. Potentially Catching an Earlier Flight
This is random but we are hoping to fly standby tomorrow…if we can catch a morning flight out of Maine, we will arrive before our currently scheduled arrival time: MIDNIGHT. Can you imagine if we really don’t make it Greenville until Midnight tomorrow night!? Keep in mind that my Husband wants to be at Clemson at 9am which means we need to leave Greenville at 8am which means we’ll need to leave the hotel to get to Chick Fil A around 7:30am. UGH. Fingers crossed that the travel gods are on our side! 
I’m sure I’ll be Instagramming like a nut job from Clemson, so follow me @snfreeman for all of the gory details! Monday is a travel day for us so I’ll see you Tuesday bright and early for a recap of all things football weekend!  

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