Ok mamas, so what’s the deal? Can we really “sleep train” an infant?
I called my mom yesterday to ask her if she had used any sleep training methods for me or my brother and she said “sleep what!?”….so I’m guessing this was not the jam in the ’80’s. Leave it to the Millennium moms to be the over-scheduling generation from infancy.
I decided that our trip would be the perfect time to start my baby sleep research and frankly, I can’t tell if I really believe that some of this stuff can work or if I think it’s just a life raft for parents-to-be who are terrified of the newborn/infant stage. 

I read On Becoming Babywise poolside and my first thought is that the best way to get a baby to sleep is to read Babywise out loud to them. It certainly worked for me. That book is booooring….and wordy….I mean, give a girl a break! How about a bulleted list and a handy chart or two for easy reference?
On the upside, I can see that there are a few tips and practices that I think sound reasonable and realistic. I will attempt to implement some of these when the babe is old enough but not too old because then all hope is lost (!) (and if he doesn’t have colic, reflux, GERD or a generally fussy temperament).
Up next on the reading list is The Happiest Baby on the Block…
Any advice out there? Is all of this pointless?
Will I ever sleep again?
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