How Far Along: 34 Weeks
Size of Babe: a pineapple
(at yesterday’s ultrasound, he weighed 5 lbs 13 oz, a full pound ahead of schedule)
Gender: all boy
Symptoms: large and in charge, sore, achy, slow, sweaty and swollen but happy to still have baby boy on board. 
Loving: sweets! ice cream, chocolate, lemonade, Starbucks, baking, lots of pillows, my SUV (little cars are so hard to get out of!), anything stretchy, our widow air conditioning unit
Loathing: stairs, chores, extra doctors appointments, deciding on a newborn photographer, getting dressed, getting out of bed (it hurts!), being so sweaty all of the time! 
Husband: is into feeling the baby (finally!) and typically can’t believe how big his giant baby head is and how far it sticks out of my belly. He also hugged me the other day and looked straight down and said “whoa, you really can’t see your feet can you??”. Uh, no babe, I really can’t. 
Wedding Rings: I’m going to take this one off the list.
Belly Button: flat and odd 
Movement: these days I feel stretches and slow moves much more than constant kicks or punches. His head really does come out of the top of my belly like a little bird trying to hatch out of an egg. A sweet visual, but it feels like I’m auditioning for a new Species movie. 
Little boy is definitely running out of room in there!
Maternity Clothes: believe it or not, still mixing and matching
the top above is not maternity but is plus sized and the shorts and sweater below are regular sized 
Best Part of the Week: seeing a full head of hair on a surprise ultrasound yesterday! 
Worst Part of the Week: all of the extra doctors appointments are wearing me out a bit
Missing Most: seeing anything south of my rib cage, sleeping through the night, getting dressed like a normal person and of course, wine. 
Can’t Wait For: oddly, I can’t wait for our marathon baby classes this weekend. I’m ready to get that one least (and very important) to do checked off the list! 
And because I didn’t do a Bumpdate for week 33, here’s the pic I took before things went all baby crazy around here! 

Image Map