Oia, Santorini has been named the home of the most beautiful sunset in the world.
Honestly, Justin and I aren’t huge nature people, but when you happen to find yourself on the island that boasts the most beautiful sunset on Earth, you do what you can to catch a glimpse. 
Here is my best advice to enjoy the Oia sunset:
Make a reservation at the Castle restaurant. 
You’ll definately need to make a reservation, or have your hotel do so for you, in order to get a table for sunset, but the food is amazing and the view is to die for. The cruise ship passengers will flock to the best part of the island to see the sunset and will pack the streets, cliff tops, sidewalks and walk ways. Justin couldn’t stop pointing out the people who were literally willing to risk their lives to have a front row seat to the sunset experience.
(the early crowd, as the main event approaches, this crowd will triple in size)
So, just trust me on this. Make a rez, drink a bottle of wine and enjoy an amazing meal while the sun is setting.

 Every photo in this post is a direct import from my camera. No editing or touch ups in order to exploit Mother Nature’s glory.

You’ll be pleased to know that the sun gets a round of applause from the crowd every night as it sets! 
(Justin thought this was as ridiculous as the death defying sunset picture takers and it makes me giggle every time I think about it!)

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