Mainers have a term for out of towners
Locals say that anyone who doesn’t have Maine soil on their Carhaarts from birth is “From Away”.

We couldn’t have been more excited two welcome to of our most favorites From Away to our wild Maine life this weekend.
Caroline and I have known each other since we were little girls in Catholic School. 
(yeah, there won’t be any photo proof of the awkward years in this post.)
I never could have imagined that we would reconnect after college when we were both single twenty somethings living in Charlotte, NC. We eventually became roommates and were out for a drink when we happened to meet a group of guys at a bar. 
(the real story goes something like this: I acted like a brat and didn’t want to go out. she promised we’d only be out for one single drink. a group of guys walked in, I threatened her life if she talked to them, went to the bathroom and came back to find her sitting at their table. lots of side eyes in her direction ensued.)
 Caroline met her husband, Reid, that night. 
Just a few short months later, I was introduced to Reid’s college friend, Justin.
Do ya’ll see where this is going?
Caroline and I wound up marrying bros/man friends/golf partners. 
(what does one call a man friendship that has lasted for many, many years? I went with “bros” because “best buddies” didn’t seem to cut it. I imagine Justin will be displeased with my Jersey Shore style vocab choice.) 
Crazy, huh?
Reid and Caroline couldn’t wait to get up to Maine and experience a true Fall, snuggle baby Gray and spend quality time lying around my living room. There really is nothing quite like friendship that doesn’t require work, pretenses or actual outfits.
Justin, Gray and I showed the Southerners our favorite Maine sights 
We played cards, had lazy breakfasts, watched football, devoured wings, dominated lobster rolls and consumed many bottles of wine. We pushed through the wine and chicken wing stupor and made it to both Bar Harbor and Sugarloaf Mountain to see the leaves in all of their Fall glory.
Brace yourselves for a pic heavy post. 
I know it’s a lot to ask for a Monday morning, but hang in there! 

It was an amazing weekend with some of the best weather that Maine has ever bestowed upon us.
(obviously the weather was perfect, things like that happen as soon as I warn people to pack tons of layers, jackets and water proof boots)

Thanks for making the trek up North, we miss ya’ll already!