I have a very unhappy, snuggly, wild animal of a teething babe on my hands so today’s post is going to be quick and dirty.
As you all know, I rock a mom uniform and feel that it’s my duty to help you rock yours. 
Wanna step it up a notch without putting in an effort, money or dry cleaning ridiculousness?
I own this top in 2 colors.
It’s from Target, less than $25 and machine washable.
It hides your tummy and is long enough that you can bend over to pick up a tossed teething toy without showing your mom undies to the world. 
| denim | wedges |
 It comes in navy which is dark enough to not be the least bit sheer and mint, which is just the flirtiest bit sheer thanks to the gorgeous color.
Pair it with white jeans for baby class at the library and dark denim for a date night.
 Go on now, go get it. 
You’re welcome.