Mother's Day

Need a handy little hint list to strategically leave around the house for your baby daddy?
Look no further, I’ve got you covered, mama.

To carry something other than baby wipes, this GiGi New York clutch has been on my wish list for ages. I just think her neutral tone and fun texture will always be a style win.

So, so many of my mama friends have recommended the famous Nifty Fifty lens as the best way to learn manual on my fancy camera and grab almost-pro style shots of my little.

My kid is obsessed with ripping dangly earrings from my head.
It is not fun.
Sweet, pretty colorful studs for the win.

Bangles are my favorite.
 Bangles with the coordinates of my babe’s birth city and the city where we were married?
 I already wear one everyday with the city of my babe’s birth but would love to add a matching bangle to commemorate our wedding location. And of course I need a matching bracelet for my go to necklace especially because it’s on sale!

No shower? No problem. This gorgeous Tory Burch scent will cover the baby spit up and leave any mama feeling like she spent the morning at the spa (low standards, party of one).

And just in case I don’t get around to deep cleaning any time soon, this Kate Spade beauty will cover my tracks (and look cute doing it).

Happy First Mother’s Day to my infant mama friends!