old navy
Ok, let’s get super honest for a second.
I still don’t love my body after baby.
(and yes, my baby is 9 months old. whatever)
Coincidentally, I still very much love wine after baby goes to bed.
I also have not found the love for working out.
So there you have it.
With that being said, I needed a few warm weather pieces that will prevent me from sweating profusely and also fit my giant butt. 
Thank all the things for Old Navy.
This it totally not a sponsored post, I just love how much crap I can get there for less than $100. Frankly, I’m not in the mood to spend a ton on my current size (it’s scary to see that particular letter in a clothing tag) and all of my summer gear is currently holding court in a warehouse full of packing crates somewhere. So, off I went to Old Navy and I think I found some seriously flattering pieces.

And yes, I bought shorts.
They will not see the light of day until I get some serious color on these thighs but the loose fit is actually not the least attractive thing I’ve slapped on my lower half recently. Win! 

If you are in need of a majorly slimming and concealing piece, I cannot recommend this dress enough.

Check the slideshow for all of the info! 

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