Guys, my baby turns one this month.
How is that even possible??
Because we don’t share his actual birth date, I’m going to be dropping a few special posts into this space over the next two weeks, culminating with his first birthday party (which is less of a blow out bash and more of a “thank all the things that we all survived the past twelve months” get together with close friends and family).
With all that being said, I have to tell ya’ll a teensy secret.
I may or may not have picked out a little something to commemorate my first year of Motherhood.
Ok, I did.
Let’s be real, I’m super proud of myself for handling my pregnancy with (a teeny bit of) grace, maintaining (pretty much none of) my dignity in the first few weeks of my postpartum haze and for excelling (translation: barely surviving) during the craziness that has happened throughout the babe’s first year. 
So it seems a little treat or trinket is in order, don’t you think?
Luckily, just the thing popped up on my Instagram feed just a few weeks ago and I knew my “You Did It!” present to myself was in the bag.
Wanna see it?
Behold, the Perfect Catch Cuff

Hand made by the cutest company, Watts in Maine, out of the brass tool that Maine Lobstermen used to determine if a lobster is long enough to keep, this bracelet is the perfect talisman to represent my boy. As luck would have it, I think he’s perfect and I just so happen to love celebrating his Mainer roots (you know, now that we don’t actually have to live there and all). 
Add the fact that the cutest couple on Earth works so hard to make a
truly Maine made product (and share all that is beautiful about Maine
with masses) and I just couldn’t resist the call of the Cuff. Plus, we
all know that shopping small is my jam and Kylie is the type of small
business owner that I love – she is constantly supporting and promoting
her fellow makers, movers and shakers – a girl after my own heart (ya’ll, when you check out the Watts in Maine Facebook page, you will see that Kylie and Dave are in Alaska….and she is representing with her Maine made products like whoa).  
In case you’re wondering, the width of the cuff is perfection and it’s sturdy nature makes it perfect for my not so gentle approach to wearing jewelery. I rock it all day, every day – with my leggings and when I wear a real outfit (ie, my mom jeans). I may have slept in it once or twice. What can I say? I’m the laziest jewelry wearer of all time.
Oh, and recently, some fashion savvy person who shops at places besides Target and Old Navy told me that the nautical look is just so in. #nailedit.
Uh, bonus, because the bracelet is made of brass it can be shined up with regular old vinegar. Got caught in the cross hairs of a baby vs. squeeze pouch situation? No worries, this beauty will shine right up. I wish the rest of my baubles would take note.

So, what do you think, mamas? Some smart, freshly sprung from Labor and Delivery newly minted mommy came up with a Push Present, do we need to make the You Survived the First Year of Motherhood (and didn’t completely lose your marbles) Present happen? 
Yes, we do. 

Many thanks to Watts in Maine for sending me my Perfect Catch Cuff to celebrate my top notch first year of mothering.

Shop the Perfect Catch Cuff here or here
Take a peek at Kylie and Dave’s story here
Follow Watts in Maine on Instagram and Facebook because I have a tiny hunch that their little company is about to get crazy huge.
All of these gorgeous shots were taken by the adorable Christa Rene Photography