It’s time for my weekly One Room Challenge update on my Guest Room  – Week Three is in the books and I’ve made some serious moves: the room is mostly cleared out and my antique bedside tables got a little makeover.
| side tables in their glorious before state |
I love using antique pieces mixed in with modern style elements in our home. My mom gave me her childhood bedroom set and I’ve re-vamped a few of the pieces around our home. Currently, her vanity is holding court in a rich shade of navy as an entryway table. 
When it comes to the Guest Room, I really want the space to have a major punch of color. For the majority of the spaces in our home I’ve used neutrals with shades of grey and blue but this little gem of a room is just begging for something fun. I’m keeping my dark grey/black wrought iron headboard and want to work elements of black and grey into the space for a cohesive scheme. I knew my mom’s old bedside tables (that aren’t a matching set!) would need a little love and originally planned to paint them white with chalk paint……but then things went a little rogue.
Don’t ask me what inspired me to do so but I painted them flat black.
And I love them. 
I originally planned to use the ivory and gold gardenia drawer pulls that have popped up in previous One Room Challenge posts but I’m afraid they’re a bit much paired with the new flat black paint job. I think I’ve secured a strong replacement from Home Goods and I may just go for the gold. 


Before you think I’ve gone off the deep end, keep in mind that all of the bedding will be white, the curtains will be white and the walls are the palest shade of green (Palest Pistachio by Ben Moore). The only other wild style element will be in a glorious display of prints and patterns in the throw pillows on the bed.
I’m so thrilled to be partnering with the amazing Elizabeth of Wheaton and Whaley Designs and she is working her magic as we speak. In fact, I don’t even know what the finished look and layout will be, I’m just trusting her to do her thing. I can’t wait to see them but until then, I’ll be drooling over the pillows in her shop (and, uh, that price point?!). You guys know I love a talented maker and Elizabeth has the goods – go check her out – and thanks to another fabulous maker, Laura Cox, for spilling the beans about Wheaton and Whaley!
So let’s see where I stand with that whole six week timeline:
 clean out the space  (eh, I’ll check this off but I’m being generous)
use bold color and pattern in pillows and rugs to accent the wall color (Ben Moore’s Palest Pistachio)
move the bed (more on that next week!)
re-finish the antique bedside tables
bring in surprising pops that I might not be bold enough to use in other
spaces in the house, such as the floral knobs, which are going to jazz
up those bedside tables
play up the black wrought iron bed frame with black accents in the room 
Considering I lost a week to The Plague, I think we’re on track!
Thanks to Calling it Home for hosting the One Room Challenge 
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