So, that week went by quickly, huh? 

| flowers from Megan | bracelet |

I honestly never meant to skip an entire week of blogging but we’ve just really been hit hard this past week in the health department. First, I was under the weather (so much so that I asked my parents to come to town to help me entertain the baby) and then my sweet babe came down with a virus. With Justin working insane hours, I am so grateful that my parents didn’t bat an eye when I asked them to cancel their weekend plans and come hang with us. I swear, I have never wished they closer more than I did this morning when Gray woke fever free after a night of meds and temperature checks – and he was full of toddler energy and ready to run but Justin and I can’t bounce back from a night of little sleep like we used to. Grandpa (Gray calls my dad Captain) to the rescue – off the guys went to take a drive in my Dad’s “big white truck”, to grab breakfast and do whatever dudes do, while Justin and I tried to snag an extra hour of sleep. And then my mom (Mamie to the baby) stepped in for book reading, snuggles and endless juice refills. 

We spent the weekend taking small trips out of the house, watching football at home (you know it was serious if we didn’t send at least one family representative to a Clemson home game!), eating our faces off (tried Good To Go GVL for the first time and loved it – try the lasagna and the cinnamon rolls, you won’t regret it), savoring good bottles of wine after the baby went to bed, cheering on my fave macaron genius, Jonathan Caleb Cake, at the famous Indie Craft Parade and ignoring my overflowing email inbox. 
We are thankfully all on the mend and I am back to work tomorrow so if I owe you an email, I promise I’m locking it down ASAP! I have tons of post lined up for this week and it should be a full week of my ramblings around here. Oh! By the way, so many of you have reached out to me letting me know that you’re missing my Instagrams that announce new posts (since I can no longer to be counted on to post at any sort of regular time or interval) – here’s my solution for that (besides Instagram getting their shiz together and going back to a chronological feed): if you sign up for emails on my blog sidebar, you will receive my new posts in your inbox, so you’ll never miss one! I’ve recently subscribed via email to a  ton of my fave blogs because Instagram is failing me and I can’t stand to miss my favorite blogger’s posts.  
P.S. Did anyone snag anything good from the Anthro Day Sale? I couldn’t pass up this top – and I almost bought this top in the other color! I love the orange! 

P.P.S. I managed to land on Southern Living last week along with some of the best of the best in Greenville – go check it out here!

See you kids tomorrow!