Ready for another round of Amazon Faves??
This time I’m sharing all of our must have purchases for baby, toddlers and preschoolers. We own each and every item and use them in our home so if you have a question, please leave it in the comments and I’ll be happy to help! Don’t forget to check out my list of Amazon Faves for the home here.

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1. Bubble Machine
Our red fish bubble machine was a gift to Gray on his third birthday and he looooves it. It holds a fair amount of bubble solution, produces a ton of bubbles, is easy for a toddler/preschooler to turn on (if you want them to do it themselves) and has a great battery life.

2. Bathroom Stool
We use this little stool all over the place – originally it was in front of the sink to help with hand washing but now that we no longer use a toddler potty, it helps with a boost onto the big toilet.

3. Baby Pibu
After what felt like an extensive search, Baby Pibu is the only brand of shampoo/body wash that we can use on Gray’s skin without irritating his eczema. My mom originally found it at her dermatologists office and we re-stock via Amazon – and thankfully its Prime eligible because we almost always wait until the bottle is completely empty to order!

4. Bath Toys
Twenty six small sized bath toys for $12? I mean, why not?? How cute would these be as stocking stuffers for a toddler?

5. Water Bottle/Contigo Trekker Bottle
I’m not sure who first turned me on to these kid’s water bottles but I remember their caption said something like “these water bottle DO NOT leak!”. I’m not one to step down from a challenge so I ordered one (despite thinking they are pricey) for Gray’s preschool lunch box. I am happy to report that the Trekker Bottle is worth every penny. It honestly does not leak – I even keep one in my purse. This is definitely meant for use for a preschooler as you have to push in the button to drink out of it but my newly minted three year has no trouble with it.

6. Potty

This is the original potty that we used for potty training. I chose it because, as a boy mom, I really liked how high that little piece in the middle rises. It keeps all of the pee pee in the potty and not on my walls and is easy to clean.

7. Mickey Headphones

These were a huge hit for Gray as his first pair of headphones. They are sturdy and can take a little bit of a beating which means they are perfect for travel.

8. Mickey Watch

We gave this to Gray for Christmas and he is obsessed. It’s $9 (!) and the band is perfectly soft and sized for tiny wrists. I secretly love it because I think he looks like such a little adult when he wears it.

9. Native Shoes
Once Gray became a true walker, we dropped the mocs and made the move to Natives. They are still our go-to shoe because he has been able to put them on by himself for a while and I’m not rocking that boat. I also think they hold up super well and can handle just about anything. Once it gets too chilly for them, we move to sneakers! 

10. Bouncer
Ok, this is my current Baby product obsession. I actually bought it because it folds flat and I was looking for a bouncy seat to take to Tailgate. Once it arrived, I realized that it sits much more upright than I thought and hoped that position would help Georgia with her reflux/colic/general fussiness. And guys, she loves this thing. She rarely just chills – whether in her swing or on a play mat, so the fact that she’ll sit in the bouncer for ten minutes at a time is a huge win for us. Plus, it really does fold flat and is lightweight, making it great for travel or if you live in a small space. Oh and P.S. it vibrates!

11. Noise Canceling Headphones
I snagged this pair of noise canceling headphones for football games and have been pleased with how well my kids have done with them. They are teeny tiny so they fit comfortably and I know their little ears are protected.

12. Car Seat Gate Check Bag
We always gate check our car seats when we fly (because you’ll only let an airline lose your car seat one time and then never again) and those jokers get filthy in the travel process. The gate check bags are insanely cheap and take the brunt of the airline wear and tear. Our current bag is ripped which makes me wonder what would have happened to our car seat if it wasn’t protected. Plus, the bags will keep your seats protected from the elements and can also hold a few extras if your suitcase is over weight (not that I’ve ever done that or anything).

13. T Ball Set
We gifted this T Ball set to an out of town friend and it’s been a hit (no pun intended!). I have it on Gray’s Christmas list for this year and can’t wait to see him play with it.

14. Blow Up Pool
If you follow my Insta stories you probably saw this blow up pool a ton over the Summer. Honestly, I am so impressed with the quality of this pool for the price – it handled two big, wild, rough and tumble preschooler boys with no problem and we even left it outside overnight quite a bit. Gray loved the two pools and the ring toss game it comes with!

15. Tummy Time Pillow
Megan told me to snag this for Georgia as she was loving how it was growing with her babe, Isa. Right now we use it as a tummy time pillow and as Georgia grows, I can use it to support her sitting and she can play with the mirrors and shakers for independent play.

16. Extended Baby Gate System 

I had the hardest time finding a baby gate system that was long enough to span the length of our double French door opening. This kit did the job (and I think I even ended up with an extra piece) and was sturdy when mounted. The gate is heavy and tough to open so Gray never escaped. I have a feeling there won’t be a gate on earth that can contain Georgia so we’ll have to see what the future holds on that one!