This post was sponsored by Sengled. All thoughts, opinions and renovation experiences are my own. 
It’s a been a while since I’ve done a renovation update around here so I thought it might be time to chat all things Round Two! If you’re just popping in for the first time today, we purchased our current home in the Spring and moved into a temporary apartment to complete Phase One of renovations. Typically, we like to do all of the renovations at once (I mean, we already moved into an apartment, why not just ride it out) but I was massively pregnant and needed to break this bad boy into two phases. So, we renovated our living spaces, kitchen and children’s bathroom and moved in – just 14 days before our daughter was born.
We took a little break and then hit the ground running with Phase Two….and while we’ve been ready to roll for awhile, we’ve hit a few hurdles along the way.
First of all, we have plans drawn and in place for the addition! We are turning what is now our garage, storage room, laundry room and closet into a master suite (bedroom, bathroom and two closets) and a new laundry/mud room with exterior entrance. All in all, we will be converting 700 square feet and I cannot wait! And because I know this is everyone’s favorite part, here are some Before shots taken on inspection day:
 current storage closet
current laundry room 

Wanna see the plans?? We worked with the drafter we used on our last renovation in order to ensure that we could cram as many Wish List items as possible into the space. After a few rounds of revisions, we came up with this:

Justin and I haven’t had a true master since our very first home together (our Maine house only had a single hall bath) and we are somewhat giddy about that fact that we won’t have to share a closet or bathroom sink anymore. 
When picking the design scheme for the master, I’ve had the most fun dreaming up our master bath. I Pin dream bathrooms all day long and am on the hunt for the perfect tile combo. I think I have the plan in place and am (no surprise here) going for light, bright and clean. I’ll incorporate shades of white and grey but want to add visual interest with one bold tile choice. I also want to make sure that I add wood tones for a natural element and we’ve worked hard to design the space to maximize as much light as possible in the bath. 
I have my eye on this vanity, I think I’ll bring back my beloved round mirrors from Target and a double set of sconces for the sink area. The shower will be 6 feet long and I am demanding a bench, if only to encourage myself to shave my legs more often (oh yeah, I went there). I also want to be sure that I work in the little extras that make a master bath feel luxe, so I added a demi wall to the toilet area for a little privacy and am throwing some tech into the mix. In fact, the entire addition is getting a tech upgrade in the form of smart lightbulbs that play music, can be controlled via an app on our phones and have a gradual turn off – so cool, right??
In our bathroom we’re going to install a Sengled Plus bulb that not only functions as a light source that is LED efficient but is also a bluetooth speaker. I literally had no idea that such a thing existed but now I don’t think I can live without one. Getting ready while blaring Britney is a past time of mine, one that I cannot wait to pass down to my daughter, and my husband is a sucker for ESPN talk radio. Each bulb can be connected via the app and you can control the music content, volume and lighting from there. 
The rest of our addition is going to be loaded with Sengled Element Bulbs for two reasons: cost efficiency and security. The Element bulbs are insanely cost efficient and since up to 50 bulbs can be connected to one hub, the entire 700 sq feet can be controlled from the app. I want to take whatever steps I can to keep our home and babies safe, so I will be setting up our light system to turn on and off certain bulbs at certain times of the day – I won’t be coming home with two little babes to a dark house, I can promise you that. Our back entrance will be lit based on the time of year and I can also turn lights on as I’m on my way home so that I know we’ll be in and out easily. 
If you have Amazon Alexa, you can also sync your bulbs to her for voice control – which may not be a good idea if you have a wild three year old who likes to shout things. If you don’t live in a zoo like mine, I think you’ll dig the voice command. Speaking of our zoo, I went ahead and popped a Sengled Pulse into one of our kitchen can lights so that we can blast the Paw Patrol theme song whenever our little hearts desire. What can I say, we’re just living the dream over here!
As those of you who have gone through a home renovation before are probably suspecting, we have hit a few road blocks along the way with Round Two. Currently, our plans are sitting at City Hall, waiting to receive their permits. We thought we might be able to sneak under the radar and get the go ahead in just a few weeks but it’s taking a bit more time that that. We actually don’t have a start date yet, which causes all of the eye rolls from me, but it’s out of our hands for now. The extra time has given us the chance to get the plans just right (and to change our mind on the style of things over and over again) but we are so very ready to start demo. I have my fingers crossed that we’ll have a hard hat Thanksgiving and a brand new bedroom to decorate by Spring! 
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