I’ll admit that I have mixed feelings about what to do for a baby’s first Christmas. With Gray, we didn’t really get him much – he didn’t need anything and, honestly, didn’t have a clue what was going on (he was six months old). Things are a little different with our daughter Georgia’s first Christmas because, while she’ll care less about anything but eating wrapping paper, her brother is very aware that Santa is coming. With my big boy and his Christmas spirit in mind, I’ve been thinking about what Santa should bring Georgia. Currently, I’m bouncing around from things she needs, sentimental gifts and things she’ll grow into. Just in case you’re in the same boat, I’m rounding up a ton of ideas that cover all of the bases! Feel free to forward to the Grandparents in your life, too! 
1. Activity Center
This is my number one gift pick for Georgia this year. The activity center grows with them so that you can stretch the life out your investment and comes with all of the bells and whistles. Georgie prefers to be upright (thanks, acid reflux) so we’ll be plopping her in this guy the second Santa delivers it.
2. Wood Name Puzzle
I love the classic look of a wooden name puzzle, plus it’s a sweet personalized detail to display in a nursery until baby is big enough to start chewing on the pieces.
3. Sophie The Giraffe
A classic, but with a high price point, Sophie is an ideal Christmas gift. Our babes love to teeth on Sophie and she’s a cult fave for a reason. 
4. Gold Cuff Bracelet
I love a babe in a bracelet and a cuff style is so sweet on a chubby wrist. This hand stamped, gold plated bracelet can be engraved with baby’s name, date of birth or initials. 
5. Tote Bag
I think we must own one dozen LL Bean tote bags and every single one is monogrammed. Georgia absolutely needs her own, so it’s on the top of her list. The tote is perfect for a weekend road trip to grandma’s or to store all of her extra outfits for her morning at school (thanks again acid reflux). I’ll grab her a small and the zip top is a must. 
6. Stacking Farm Toys
Soft stacking rings shaped like farm animals that are perfect for tiny hands to grab and play with. I love the cute country feel to the fabric choices (like the red gingham feet of the cow!). 
7. Toy Chest
A special, investment piece, I love the idea of a monogrammed or personalized toy chest. This chest comes in many different designs, colors and with personalization options and should be the gift that keeps on giving – I mean, what mom doesn’t want a gorgeous place to stash all of these toys?? 
8. Bunny Soother
This sweet soother is meant to keep baby happy (and hopefully sleeping) while in the stroller, car or while traveling. Super soft and snuggly, it plays calming sounds to drown out the ruckus of having an older brother. 
9. Stacking Toy 
The classic stacking toy in a wooden design, Melissa and Doug toys can stand the test of babyhood.
10. Walker
If you have an older first Christmas babe, a walking toy might be right up your alley. This zebra walker promises to grow with baby as a light up, musical activity center that grows into a push walker when baby is on the move.
11. Mocs
Baby’s first shoe! Freshly Picked mocs are the hallmark of baby moccasins and a metallic pair for her and a cognac color for him would be perfect presents under the tree. 
12. Infant Toys
Classic developmental toys that spin, twist and rattle -we have this set and love it. 
13. Lulla Doll
I am so intrigued by the Lulla Doll! My friend Ailee has one for her youngest and I rarely see a photo of her baby without her Lulla Doll. The Lulla is supposed to encourage longer periods of uninterrupted sleep and deeper sleep patterns by playing real life breathing and heart beat sounds for up to 8 hours. This mama of a six month old who has yet to sleep through the night will absolutely be snagging one ASAP. 
14. Personalized Books
How sweet is this bedtime story book with your babe’s name included? You can personalize with their full name and date of birth and the story is supposed to lull baby to sleep with it’s rhythm.
15. Wooden Name Train 
I love this little wooden name train! Each magnetic train is personalized with baby’s name plus an engine and caboose in rainbow colors – this would be so cute on baby’s bookshelves until they are old enough to play with it. 
16. Initial Bracelet 
I think this little bracelet will be in Georgia’s stocking, it’s delicate and feminine and I just need to see it on her little hand. 
17. Personalized Rocking Bunny
Perfect for a gift that can be used as decor in a nursery until baby is ready to play with it – you can choose from a ton of cute animals and have baby’s sweet name engraved on the wooden rocker. I love the thought of this bunny tied with a big red bow under a Christmas Tree! 
18. Pewter Kentucky Baby Cup
A classic baby gift for sure! Personalize with baby’s birth stats or the year of their first Christmas and you’re all set. 
Happy shopping, mamas!