Yesterday was all about gifting my tiny babe so today we’re talking preschool presents! My big boy is three and a half and into numbers, letters, building, counting, jumping and helping. On a totally unrelated note, I cannot believe I birthed him because I am absolutely not into numbers, building, counting, jumping or helping. Anyway! I put together a list of gifts that I think would really rock his world on Christmas Morning, including a few gifts that could be grouped together for a big theme – like creating an art station in his playroom or setting up a “Chef’s Kitchen” so he can whip up a meal for me while I order up a pizza for him!

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Art Station 

1. Table Top Easel
Fair warning, there are a ton of Melissa and Doug items in this post because, in my experience, they are super well made, the price point is fair and they last forever. I have yet to be disappointed. We don’t have a ton of room in our playroom, so a table top easel is ideal for us. I love the idea of setting up an art station for him to find on Christmas morning – plus, it’s creative play and not another random toy. 
2. Wooden Paper Roll
The Table Top Easel comes with a paper roll attached but this would be perfect as a backup or if you don’t have room for the easel. We had a cheaper version of this earlier this year and Gray loved when I wrote his name in middle school style bubble letters and let him color them in. We burned through the smaller/cheaper version super fast so we’ll be upgrading this Christmas.

3. Art Supplies
How cute would it be to stash buckets and bins with new scented crayons, colored pencils, stickers, erasers, chalk and washi tape all around the easel or paper roll for? Art supplies are always a hit at our house and I know this would really float his boat. 
Chef Station
4. Pots and Pans
Another themed gift could be a Chef Station complete with a play kitchen and all of the gear. I love this “stainless” pots and pans set because it looks just like the ones we have in our real kitchen.
5. Chef Gear
What’s a chef without the chef ensemble? I’m digging those tiny oven mitts! 
7. Play Kitchen
This play kitchen is highly rated year after year and I can see why. The style is timeless, gender neutral and the set is well made. I know if we grabbed this for Gray it would hang on until Georgia was ready to play Chef, too. 

6. Drill Set
This could have been another theme gift with the Woodworking Bench below (and yes, I know the numbers are out of order, I blame the baby never sleeping at night for that) and I love the thought of a little work space in a play room. This drill set is by VTECH so the drill really spins and the toolbox itself is rigged for the nails to be hammered and screws to be screwed!

8. 3D Dino Alphabet Puzzle
I think this 3D Dino Alphabet puzzle is the coolest! I know Gray would need help with it but I really think it plays into his little STEM wheelhouse. Plus, how cute is it??
9. Woodworking Bench
Another Melissa and Doug standout, this tool bench comes with a functioning vise, tool rack, wooden tools, storage shelf and project ideas. 
10. Ok To Wake Clock
I’m not sure if this is a gift for him or for me, but the OK to Wake Clock is supposed to gently remind him when it is ok to pop out of bed and when he should stay put for a few more minutes. From the clock’s mouth to God’s ears. 
11. Magformers and 12. Magnetic Building Sets
The Magformer set is the more expensive/name brand version of magnetic building blocks but I’m not sure how much Gray will be into the idea so I may lean toward the cheaper “Magnetic Building Set” to test the waters. His dad will absolutely enjoy them, that I know for sure!

13. Photo Memory Game
Ok, how cute is this?? It reminds me of the alphabet book I made for Gray last year with all of his favorite things – this time I can make his first memory game with his fave things or people! 
14. Stack and Count Garage
Colors, cars and numbers, stacked together in order: basically my boy’s dream toy. We’ll be snagging this one. 
15. Amazon Fire
I’ve already professed my love for the Fire (especially compared to the iPad he used to play with) but I will say it again – we love this thing. I love that he has the ability to choose what he wants to play within my set parental controls and he loves that he can watch Monster Trucks Counting to his heart’s content.

16. Sleeping Bag/Mat
I am obsessed with the idea of Gray snuggled up with this fuzzy white polar bear sleeping bag on the floor of our playroom watching movies (yes, I know, he’ll probably do that for three total minutes and then run laps around my house, but a mom can dream, can’t she?!)

17. Alphabet Matching Puzzle
Another alphabet game, another Melissa and Doug toy, I really think this is a cute option at a great price point. 
18. Wooden Name Bench 
Perfect for teeth brushing, I love this classic name bench with animal options.

Happy shopping, friends!