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Weeeeell, here we go again!

We never would have dreamed it but 9 months after packing and moving into a new house, we’re doing it again….

It’s true, our family is moving to Charlotte, NC!
We are honestly so, so excited for this move. I lived in Charlotte for 5 years after college and was living there when I met Justin. It has always been the city we would say “yes!” to if an offer presented itself, and over Thanksgiving weekend, that offer came into our lives. 

This move has been both incredibly quick and tediously slow all at the same time. Justin began work in Charlotte on January 2nd, so I’ve been riding solo with the kids for the last 7 weeks. We’ve had snow days, sick days, baby allergic reactions, days upon days of rain and a general sense of missing our guy. The kids have adjusted really well and we’ve seen Justin for at least a few hours each weekend. 
I’ve been dying to spill the beans on all that has been going on in our lives but because the kids and I were home alone so much, I kept it under wraps for our safety. There have been so many days where I wanted to blurt out “so sorry I haven’t been blogging or I missed your DM, we’re moving again and things are bonkers!” so forgive me if you’ve been waiting on a response from me!  
We sold our house in Greenville very quickly and have found a home in Charlotte that is going to be just perfect for our family. 
I will admit to being incredibly disappointed about one tiny thing: I really, really wanted to have my way with the garage-to-master-suite renovation that was on the books for our current house in Greenville. The plans were drawn and were, if I do say so myself, crazy good. I wanted to design and live in that space in the worst way – but, the new owners are taking my plans and running with them, so I know the house will get the love that it deserves. 

As you’re reading this, our boxes are loaded and the trucks are headed to Charlotte while Justin works and the kids and I hide out at my parent’s house in Virginia for the next two weeks. I’m sure that you’ve all guessed this but there was no way we could just move into a house without a few tiny renovations, so we won’t be moving in for a few more weeks. 
More details coming soon! 

Photos by Courtney Malone Photography