Oh this big boy room.
If you follow me on Instagram stories, you know the saga of the big boy room. 
If you don’t follow me on Insta stories (dude, you should, I’m a mess), here’s a quick catch up:
I am a teensy bit bonkers.
As it turns out, I channeled all of my mom stress about moving my babies into creating The Perfect Big Boy Bedroom for Gray. Like, up at night, searching Etsy for the perfect alphabet print, flying across state lines with a pink clock in my purse kind of mom stress. 
In all honesty, I just wanted the transition from house to house to feel exciting for my big boy and I really thought that creating a little haven for him would help ease some of the nervousness of being the new friend, starting a new school and learning the ropes of a new neighborhood. Thankfully, he’s three and really, there have been zero issues, so as usual, I completely overcompensated, but what can a mama do?
As soon as we found out about our move we started chatting up the whole Big Boy Room concept with heavy emphasis on it being in our new house. I asked Gray what he wanted in his room and he wasn’t shy when it came to design requests (I think he could smell my desperation to do it right, so he went in for the kill. Smart kid.) 
My tiny client had the following suggestions for his new space:
color, specifically blue, red, green and white
color on the roof (translation: a painted ceiling)
and, a last minute request for pink
We knew we were upgrading him to a queen bed because we’d been holding on to our former guest room mattress and box spring for him, but otherwise all of his furniture is the same. We are reusing his vintage chest, rug and leather club chair that all lived in his nurseries so to fulfill his decor dreams, I had to get down in the details. 
Behold, my original design board
Design Plan: Modern Boho Big Boy Room
light fixture | pillow | bed frame (the actual one in his room linked) | nautical flag | alphabet print | ottoman | pink clock | gingham shams | club chair 
The paint colors are ones that I’ve used before – Benjamin Moore White Dove on the walls and Ice Cubed Silver on the ceiling, which looks much more blue than grey when paired with the White Dove. I’m mixing and matching patterns in his bedding and found the perfect duvet to make his numbers and letters dreams come true. My fave element in the room so far is the giant (and I mean giant) black and white school house style print. It might be my favorite because it was the easiest purchase of all time – a digital download from an Etsy shop that I uploaded straight to Framebridge to have framed in this gorgeous little number. I was a tiny bit hesitant about the quality since I was going with such a large print, but it turned out beautifully. In fact when Gray saw it for the first time, he clapped his hands together and said “it is BEAUTIFUL”. Kid loves some letters. 
I’ve been pulling together details, ran to IKEA yesterday and just unpacked his last box so we aren’t too far away from the reveal! 
(meanwhile, our “master suite” looks like a bomb went off in it…)