So, I’ll admit that this week isn’t super photo-worthy but, people, progress was made in this space today. Major. Progress.
I wouldn’t dare post evidence of what my playroom looked like prior to my 2 hour man-handling session, but if you really wanna see, you can check out my Instagram stories for the next 20 hours or so. After that, all of the evidence will be wiped clean and I’ll never admit that it ever looked that way. 
 (check out that sweet lampshade in our entryway)
Week two of the One Room Challenge has been all about schedules, emails and majoring purging. The kids had been playing amongst the boxes until today but I am proud to say that the boxes are no more. I tackled a dozen mover’s boxes, found some, um, non-playroom things like baking flour and spices in a box or two, and scrounged up three bags of garbage. 4 boxes were re-packed and are headed to Goodwill and endless trips were made to the attic. I also managed to separate out our toys by age and set up our two storage units to accommodate baby toys for Georgia and big boy toys for Gray. Now that the room is cleared out, I really am struck by how big the room is. I have a lot of work to do….
The rug is new for this space and I really love the colors – and Gray is really pleased with the arrows, so I’ll take that as a win. I’m hoping to play up the green in the rug with 
The wallpaper installation team is headed to the house on Saturday to quote the job and set the date, photos have been sent to Little Miss Missy  so that she can work her magic on a set of portraits and sourcing storage bins is my newest obsession (Legos, you are the worst). 
Next up is to tackle the fireplace and that gold grate! 
You can see the design plan for our playroom here!

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