First, let me start this post by saying that all bodies are good bodies. 
My own rig brought two humans into the world in less than three years and has done right by all three of us, so I don’t want to share anything that disrespects what I’m working with. Size 12 or size 2, my goal is to live my life saying yes to the things that make me happy, never missing out because I’m on a “diet”. I have a daughter (and a son) who will learn to treat their bodies by watching how I treat mine, so I am very careful to never say “oh, I can’t eat that” or “ugh, too many calories”. Instead, we choose to talk about Growing Foods and eating in a way that helps our muscles grow so that we can get the ring in swim lessons, play soccer, jump super high and dance when the mood strikes. 
With that said, for the past few months I’ve been using the Weight Watchers plan to handle the last little bit I gained when stress eating and drinking my way through the worst of our colic months. I wasn’t sure that I was going to talk about it here on the blog but I realize so many of you purchase clothing based on how it fits my body and choose sizing based on my body recs, so it’s probably time to chat about it – plus there’s been a ton of interest on my Weight Watchers tips and tricks! I’m going to write a few WW posts based on some questions that have been hitting my Instagram Direct Messages, but first, a few basics, in the form of FAQs:
Ok, so why Weight Watchers?
I’ve been doing WW on and off for years, it works for me. I don’t like to be told that I can’t eat entire food groups etc, it makes me rebel and that’s not a good look. I eat on the run, I eat in my car, I eat what my kids eat – I need a plan that works for all of that. I’m also not giving up wine, so that eliminates like 98% of all weight loss plans. I choose to do the online only plan although I have gone to meetings in years past but quite honestly, as an introvert, it makes me nervous. The app is always on hand and just works for me. 
With Weight Watchers, you truly can eat whatever you want, it just has to be “worth it” to you. It’s worth it to me to eat more 0 point foods in a day that I want to drink wine (which is, of course, points heavy). I eat Chick Fil A way more than I care to admit, I just make different choices than I would have prior to being on WW, but being able to choose to eat in a drive through is still open to me and I like that. 
How much have you lost:
Well, from my highest weight (not pregnant or postpartum) tracked in the app since 2016, I am down 20lbs. This last round, I’ve been working the app since mid March and I’m down 10-ish lbs (9 and some ounces if we’re being truthful). I’m down one jean size and am probably sometimes a Medium and still sometimes a Large, which is just fine with me. Also, I have lost some weight in the ‘ol rack, which is a huge relief to me as they hurt my back/make me extra sweaty in the Summer. 
Do you still drink wine?
Um, yes. I measure it in a measuring cup (which always makes me roll my eyes) and have a few tricks to break up the points but yes, I still drink wine. We still go out to dinner, I still eat cake occasionally, I still eat donuts every Saturday morning, I’m still living over here! 
Do you work out?
Not really. I am home with my one year old and four year old full time so I am way more active than I was when I was working at a desk 9-5. I regularly lift 60 lbs of kids and wrestle them each into car seats, am on my feet always and have been known to race my kid and win, just to remind him of who’s boss. But no actual work out routine is in the mix currently. 
I think that covers the basics!  I’ll share my Weight Watchers beginner tips soon!