I am really excited (and definitely a little gobsmacked) to share that I’ve been named one of the ten bloggers in the High Point Market Design Bloggers Tour! To be honest, I’ve been sitting on this news for a bit, mostly because I was waiting for them to call me and say “oh sorry! we didn’t mean to choose you, our bad!”. But so far, no one has called to revoke my spot, so I think it’s finally time that I let the cat out of the bag.
So, I’m sure some of you are wondering what on Earth High Point is. In the home design/decor/furnishing worlds, High Point Furniture Market is Mecca. It is the world hub for brands and designers to come together and show off what’s new, what’s coming and who’s making it. My fellow Design Bloggers and I were chosen to tour an amazing round up of showrooms during two days of the Spring market, sneaking a peek at what will be hitting stores in the coming months. 
I’m going to share my fellow Design Bloggers below so that you can 1. see their amazing work and 2. geek out with me that I’m included in this amazing crowd. I honestly had a little fan girl moment when I got a look at who I’d be hanging with in April (no shame in my game but I do need to get it together a bit before I scare some of these women off when I meet them in person!). If you’re popping over from one of their amazing blogs, you can see some of my design and renovation work here
Courtney Allison | Alberthe K. Buabeng | Heather French | Laura Hamburg |  Haneen of HANEEN’S HAVEN | Niki McNeill | Alyssa Motheral | Elizabeth Scruggs | Tamara Matthews-Stephenson
Of course, I’ll be live documenting the entire tour and honestly can’t wait to see what’s going to be on trend and then recreate it for ya’ll in a family friendly, real deal kinda way. 
Thank you to the amazing sponsors of the tour for having me, please excuse me if I’m bouncing up and down with excitement when we meet.
220 Elm
Crypton Home Fabric
Dorel Home
E.J. Victor
Four Hands
Howard Elliott
IMC – Interhall
Lloyd Flanders
Made Goods
Pinnacle Seating Studio
Universal Furniture
All photos by Courtney Malone Photography from our Modern Coastal Family Room Reveal