The State of Your Bed
Thank you to Authenticity 50 for sponsoring this post, all bed making and housekeeping skills are my own. 
Fun Fact: I loathe the expression “the state of your bed is the state of your head”. 
It’s true, I am not a bed maker. I hated doing it as a kid and as I soon as I moved out of my parent’s house I took the opportunity to never make my bed again. Ever. But alas, motherhood has brought me full circle and I find myself telling my soon-to-be-five year old to get on that bed making in his own room. Sigh.
So even though I still hate it, I decided to make a 2019 resolution to make my bed every week day. I rarely keep resolutions (here’s another 2019 resolution recap!) but this year I’m honestly dominating, so I thought it was time that I come clean and determine if making your bed really does make a difference in a day to day routine. 

One of the hardest things about working from home is juggling the stuff that could/should be done around the house with the actual work that should be done while in the house. There are many days where I think to myself “ugh, I should stop what I’m doing, get up and toss in a load of laundry” but the honest truth is even the slightest change of pace will throw me off my work game. I’ve had to learn to compartmentalize work and deal with the house stuff when it’s a less than ideal time to work (so, when my kids are crazy). In truth, and I hate to admit this, making my bed before sitting down to work has made it feel as if I’ve tackled one thing in our house and can check this household management business off of my daily list. I don’t force myself to make the bed as soon as I get out of it, but it’s my goal to get it made once I’m back home from my preschool carpool run and before I sit down to my computer. 

The State of Your Bed
On top of feeling like I have the work/home balance just a tiny bit under control, I was genuinely struggling with telling my son that he needed to make his bed when I wasn’t making mine. We’re working hard on the concept of taking care of our things and respecting our home, so, you know, I needed to Mom Up and handle my own space. I wish I could say this alone would fuel my bed making fire long term, but honestly that whole work/house balance thing is probably more likely to keep me making. 
The State of Your Bed
My husband (who is first out of bed or he might find himself to be the bed maker) told me the other day he loves the feeling of getting into a freshly made bed – that the sheets feel better, more crisp, and it just feels like a more relaxing experience. I hate to add another item to the “why I should make my bed” list but I honestly agree. We have a king bed and if the bed isn’t made daily, we have to hunt down our top sheet before we get into bed. And yes, even as Millennials, we are top sheet people! Anyway, as a treat to myself for keeping the bed made and to ensure we always have that crisp sheet “aaaaah” feeling at the end of the day, I upgraded our sheet set and duvet to the Authenticity 50 Signature Series
Somehow perfectly soft and still smoothly crisp, I am obsessed with our new sheets. The elastic on the fitted sheet is tight but not impossible to wrangle onto our giant bed, the duvet cover washes so well and they are all the perfect shade of bright white. The entire premium crafted Authenticity 50 line is made in the US (literally, from the raw cotton to the manufacturing process), with a large portion of the work happening here in the Carolinas, and it was started via Kickstarter by a couple searching for made in the USA bedding. By opening shop, they’ve created over 500 jobs across the country, which is something to be more than proud of. 
The State of Your Bed
Also, while I’m thinking about it, isn’t Mother’s Day around the corner? Yes, yes it is! I think a new set of gorgeous, crisp, fresh sheets might just be the perfect thing to treat yourself with this Mother’s Day. If you’re anything like me, you’re still sleeping on a set off of your wedding registry so it’s time for an upgrade, my friends! As a treat from me to you, use code OLIVE25 to save $25 on any order over $100. 
Ok, time to spill, are you a bed maker or are you a “what’s the point” kind of girl??